Shadow Fight 3

2024 Shadow Fight 3 Events: Strategies for Success

Shadow Fight 3 events

The game becomes easier for you to progress through these special Matches known as shadow Fight 3 events. Getting a list of all Events will help you take advantage of all Shadow Fight 3 events to their max. Participating in all the events is a great chance to have money for special equipment and items.

Upcoming shadow fight 3 events

With the new year 2024 greeting, the Lunar Festival will be available to you for two weeks, and participating in all activities is recommended.

  • Lunar Festival Event for two weeks
Event 1
  • Good News for Monkey Set Fans, battle pass has nothing Much
Lunar Tag image
  • The battles are awesome that it have free monkey set and many Tags
  • Don’t miss out on free Gems
Free gems
Widow in event


The Bosses in Palace Duels Change Every Two Days. The first victory against each of them will grant you the covered red envelopes with lunar coins, and the Eight Challenges and Twelve Dynasties fights will grant you even more prizes! And don’t forget to visit Tarlan in the port to receive combat Bonuses every 15 minutes.

  • Eight Challenges are available from 7 to 21 February
  • Twelve Dynasties are available from 14 to 21 February

shadow fight 3 events list

  • Infinite Journey
  • Innocent Victims
  • A Hard-Won Lesson
  • Anger of the Exiles
  • Attack at the Fair
  • Ancestors’ Arena
  • At Death’s Door
  • Jewels of the North
  • Blossom Festival (Old)
  • Lunar Tournament
  • Ball Game
  • Lunar Festival
  • Pirate Justice
  • Cleanup
  • Market Madness
  • Party
  • Prison Break
  • Champion of the Pit
  • Creator’s Portal
  • Maze of Immortality
  • Rescue Operation
  • Deep Color
  • Dangerous Show
  • Raven’s Feast
  • Revelation
  • Dragon Lesson
  • Escape
  • Sanguine Forest
  • Fair Fight
  • Family Celebration
  • Secret Forge
  • Festival Miracle
  • Secrets of the Tomb
  • Flaming Visitor
  • Sergeant Heim
  • Four Paths
  • Fox Hunt
  • Jewel of the North Event Timeline
  • Strange Traveller
  • Full Moon Riddles
  • Star of Hope
  • Freezing Breeze
  • Spring of Hearts
  • Fox Hunt
  • Wolfblood
  • Golden Bamboo
  • The King of Bones
  • Winter Festival
  • High Society
  • Void Daughters
  • Hidden Treasure
  • The Wheel is Turning
  • Grandma’s Lesson
  • The One and Only

Types of events in Shadow Fight 3

There are 5 types of Events in Shadow Fight 3


Shadow Fight 3 Tournament

Tournaments are a great way to showcase your battling abilities and even to test where you stand now against the community. You get rewarded and ranked on leaderboards based on your victories, level reached, and overall performance.

Special Events

These special events take place according to certain themes and holidays. These special Events are great ways to earn theme-oriented Rewards like costumes, ranged weapons, magic, and even some exclusive items. As these events differ from regular Gameplay, players must explore unique content, challenges, and special Enemies. These special Shadow Fight 3 events are a great way of getting limited-time fun and experience so that you don’t get bored if you are stuck in regular Gameplay.


To spice up the regular gameplay fun, these come with challenges. These challenges could also be daily and have unique objectives for you, like defeating a specific number of enemies in a special time or a special way or even with specific WEAPONS AND OTHER challenging conditions. Besides challenging your skills and having a fun experience, it is also a great way to earn rewards like coins, in-game benefits, and special items.

Storyline Events

Shadow Fight 3 Storyline Event

These events often remind you of the storyline, which you forget during the Gameplay. The player feels more connected to the character, story, and game world. Other than the main storyline, it provides additional context, unique experiences, and a lot of rewards like coins. These shadow Fight 3 events are the best way to engage and give variety to challenges.

Limited-Time Offers

These are made to create a sense of urgency so that players get special Deals at discounted prices or special bonuses on in-game items, equipment, or currency. In this way, players can improve their characters, weapons, and progress in the game by getting valuable resources at a reasonable price.

To know about all faction.

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