how to defeat shogun in shadow fight 2 10

Exploring Mastery: Shadow Fight 2 Bosses Unlocked Guide

Types of bosses

The two types of shadow fight 2 bosses are covered in this article. In order to fight and win the battle against these bosses, you have to have a full overview of this background, bodyguards, weapons, and special abilities. By these, you can make battle strategies against all Shadow Fight 2 bosses. All Bosses are divided into two categories: Eternal and shadowland bosses.

how to defeat shogun in shadow fight 2 10

Shadow land

Shadowland bosses are the ones from which Shadow has to collect all the seals by fighting them in single-player mode. These demons were humans, but due to the mistake of opening the gate of shadows, they had to fight the shadows.



The first demon to face and leader of “The order ” known for killing and Lynx from all shadow fight 2 bosses himself is the first one to attack you with the ranged weapon, and sometimes it becomes difficult for you to take down Lynx on the first attempt.

Lynx looks like a ninja wearing a black suit covering his whole body so that only his eyes are visible and turn white during battle, and sometimes, he also looks like a fighting cat.

The fighting strategy of Lynx is that you have to defeat his 5 bodyguards before fighting him, and then he sends Shin to deal with the player, and at last, you would be facing him.

The weapon used by Lynx is lynx claw, which outclasses many other weapons, and he blends the attack of his special weapon by first getting invisible by throwing a smoke bomb and then making an attack. Still in eclipse mode, by defeating him, you get access to his claw. Also, other ranged weapons, along with a blue seal.


Shadow fight 2 bosses

Butcher is the third to be defeated in Shadow Fight 2 and has five bodyguards. Butcher Shadow fights 2 bodyguards: bird, Rhino, bull, redhead, and Reaper.

The weapons used by the butcher are meat cleavers which, when attacked, cause blood on the opponent, and if the opponent falls on the ground, there is no chance for you to escape the butcher attack. You can be imbalanced by him if he produces earthquakes, and he can attack you if he produces earthquakes. You will receive Buther’s weapon and the red seal when you defeat him in eclipse mode.


Shadow fight 2 bosses

The second demon to face is hermit also known for his use of Magic among all fight with him, you have first to face his 5 bodyguards: Dragon, Buffalo , Mantis Saber, Tiger, and Crane, and they all are named according to their special abilities.

Hermit also destroyed other martial arts academies to take his place and make a school and there has always been a tough competition to even get into his academy, as revealed by one of his warrior dragons.

Hermit weapons in Shadow Fight 2 are one-handed swords, and along with it, he has special abilities of Lighting Arrow throwing and Water ball. Once you defeat him, you get awarded with Green Seal, and defeating him in eclipse mode awards you with his weapon and his special ability of Magic as well.


waspe removebg preview 3

The daughter and the killer of her father “Wasp” is the fourth one to be face among Shadow Fight 2 bosses. She has unique abilities to fly with wings and swooping across the screen.

Wasp bodyguards are Kraken, Cleaver, Shark, Bosun, and Whaler. Three of the five bodyguards don’t trust wasps and are rebels. The Weapons used by Wasp can be won when defeating her in an eclipse.


how to defeat shogun in shadow fight 2 9 PhotoRoom.png PhotoRoom

The fifth and slightly easier one among all shadow fight 2 bosses to defeat is the widow. She has 5 bodyguards: Ibris, Wolf, Capra, Bear, and Ouma.

All 5 widow bodyguards were named after animals of the cold region, and among those, puma doesn’t fall for her beauty as she is a female character and, in fact, the most real fighter with the widow. Widow has strong feelings for shadows, as sensed during the gameplay.

Widow’s special powers are teleporting and then attacking from the back. She has a pair of fans in her hands, which can be yours if you defeat her in eclipse mode.


Shadow Fights 2 Bosses

The Sixth fighter from all shadow fight 2 bosses is the Shogun and the king of Ivory City. Shogun bodyguards are Corporals, Captains, Majors, Colonels, and Generals, and all of them are named like ranks in the army.

The main reason for the fight in the burning city is the misconception spread by the Shogun’s bodyguard as he reported to the Shogun’s officer that Shadow is the ruler of Ivory City.

The weapons used by the Shogun are katana and Daisho. If you managed to dodge his attack, you would be awarded the last seal, and in eclipse, you would win his weapons. The special abilities of Shogun include making all his bodyguards attack you one by one while he flies away.


Titan picture

The last boss to face, whom all the other 6 demons in the game fear, is Titan. He is the toughest one in among all shadow fight 2 bosses to be defeated.

This ultimate boss is the owner of many mysterious powers, and all of those can change your thoughts, strategies, and memories related to Him. He has a huge and powerful sword named “The Desolator, ” which, like another sword, would not be yours even if you defeat Titan, as this powerful sword will be demolished. Furthermore, you have to fight May before fighting Titan. Titan bodyguards are Assassin Devastator, Master, Guru, corsair, and Emperor.


The result of a mistake has also led to disturbing Eternal from sleep, and Shadow then has to defeat them in multiplayer mode. The thousand-year-old creatures whose sleep were disturbed by shadow by opening the gate of shadows. To fight senior powerful eternal, you have to destroy junior Eternals and collect all the keys during a specific time. All eternal are horrible-looking creatures that have unique abilities, fighting styles and attacking weapons against you.


volcano removebg preview

At first, you have to face the volcano that is from the first floor and the one from 4 powerful creatures. A volcano has a body covered with hardened magma and a burning head, along with hands burning with fire. Volcano can move the fire according to his own will, and along with that, he can teleport anywhere.


e removebg preview

Megalith is the second one to defeat. He is covered in stone crystal and looks very strong. He is a crystal and stone-loving man. He can produce earthquakes and even can move continents.


fun removebg preview

The man covered with mushroom that even his eyes are not visible and feels like a giant mushroom walking is Fungus .


vortex removebg preview

The fourth one to defeat from the first floor of underworld is vortex. Being the hybrid of fish and human having more humanly qualities has special ability of controlling floods. If you want to face him then you must have Dan 3


Shadow fight 2 bosses

The first one to defeat from the second tier is Fatum. She look like a witch with pale shining eyes. She wears purple and black color combo hooded grown. In order to face her you must have Dan 4.She has ability to see at which time human will die.


Cap removebg preview

The king of rats Arkhos would be disturbing you as he is the second one you would facing from Tier 2.The hybrid of Rat human with more humanly qualities. He wears tattered robe. He has made an army based on lies and false hopes. You have to be Dan 5 to face Arkhos.


re removebg preview

When get Dan 7 you become eligible to fight hoaxen. A two headed creature with having different face attack to different parts of his body. His special power is to fool you with illusions.


karcer removebg preview

The first one to face from third tier is karcer. A very evil looking creature with body like skull and fang coming out of his neck.
he has long tongue that looks like a snake. Just like other ghoul he can eat infinite things like humans.


Dr removebg preview

This red color creature would face you in last from the third tier. She can drink blood and even destroy the enemy into pieces.


Tenebris removebg preview 1

The last one to face on this tier is Tenebris. He is creator of eternal and ruler of underworld.He is also associated with light and darkness.


GateKeeper removebg preview

After defeating Tenebris and gaining one gatekeeper key, you would be facing the first boss named “GateKeeper.”


Saturn removebg preview

After fighting Gatekeeper, you would be facing making a team of 4 against Saturn, and this fight requires a key and has no restrictions on rules.

The Blackness

The balckness removebg preview

The last one from the 4-tier is The blackness. She has white shining eyes like a bulb and has Red hairs.

Here, you also have to fight by making a team of 4, and here, you will also face Saturn and Gatekeeper. The blackness key will make you enter this fight, and this fight requires no rules.


By this article, you already have a basic idea of every shadow fight 2 bosses appearance and special powers. How many DANs are required for you to play with each character, and by their special abilities, you can prepare your character against any demon or eternal.


The blackness


By defeating him in 5 minutes and 20 seconds

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