how to defeat May in shadow fight 2

How to beat May in Shadow Fight 2

Here are the combination of equipments used to defeat may in shadow fight 2


you would have defeated Titan, but what makes it even more challenging sometimes is Titan’s bodyguard may. But by understanding many moves and following the tips mentioned below, you can easily defeat may in Shadow Fight 2.How to defeat May in shadow fight 2

Who is may in shadow fight 2

May is one of the main character in shadow fight 2 and you would be facing after defeating Shin in Act 1.


May Appearance

May in Shadow Fight 2 has orange hairs with a pony that turns red-orange during battle, and she has attractive green eyes that will turn white in battle. Moreover, She wears a combination of green clothes covering her body, and her skin changes to a red-orange color in battle.

Best Weapon to defeat May in shadow fight 2

The major component in defeating may is weapons and by using effective weapons in necessary.

  • Monk’s katars
  • Monk’s amulet
  • ornamental sword
  • daisho
  • shogun’s katana
  • rejuvenation 
  • life stealth
  • bomb enchantment.
  • sentinel
  • pneumo fists
  • with damage return
  • frenzy body
  • Absorbtion helmet

Guide to defeat May in shadow fight 2

Perfect attacks

Attacking May with knuckles in combination with other attacks like low punches, slashes, and kicks is the most effective way of fighting. Furthermore, be ready for surprise attacks, and whenever May tries to attack, you make a surprise attack
rolling back and making a perfectly timed attack on her.

understanding May’s strategy

May mostly use smoke invisibility and ring of fire magic; whenever she uses smoke invisibility, use a needle to make her visible, and making quick back movement is important if you see fire.

  • First, avoiding her attack is important. She often does so with tonfas, first choosing either a ranged weapon or a non ranged weapons based on which you can use better and then keep yourself closer to make an effective attack on May.
How to defeat may in shadow fight 2
  • Before fighting, you may practice all tournaments to improve your skills and make your fighting style aggressive.
  • To avoid getting attacked by many deadly combos or throws, you should keep yourself moving while maintaining a decent distance and Staying as close as possible to May and using monks’ katars because a fist makes the maximum attack as they can make a quick movement, further frenzy on monks’ katars can help you in addition to enchantment on helm and armor.

How can you make May weaker?

Tapping the fight button and tapping the sun button on the screen quickly can make it weaker.

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