how to defeat butcher in shadow fight 2

How to defeat butcher in shadow fight 2

Who is Butcher

Butcher in shadow fight 2

You will face Butcher in Act Three (trail of Blood) in Shadow Fight 2. Butcher has the role of bandit. The Butcher uses a pair of butcher knives. Butcher’s knives are capable of doing low to high range.

You will face Butcher in Act Three (trail of Blood) in Shadow Fight 2. Butcher has the role of bandit. The Butcher uses a pair of butcher knives. Butcher’s knives are capable of doing low to high range.

His strongest attack is super slash, which has a power level of up to 18. His weapons are present at above level 18. His enchantment is bleeding. Butcher is present at level eighteen. Among his ranged weapons is Kunai. Kunai is present and level 12. Steel darts are also present at level 18. Chakram is present at level 19. Butcher’s magic abilities include dark blast, dark Implosion, and fireball. Fireball enchantment is a weakness. Dark implosion enchantment is overheated. All magic abilities are above level 19. Butcher’s most special ability is an earthquake. This ability has the enchantment of bleeding and frenzy.


A butcher is an overweight man. He wears a grey tracksuit with a devil signature belt. He has long black hair. He uses a pony to tie his hair. Although he is fat but donot confuse strength with his physical body. He has a whisker-style beard. He also wears a red hairband on his head. His wrists are most strongest wrists in the game.

How to Defeat Butcher in Shadow Fight 2

  1. Time is an important factor while fighting. Think right strategy and implement it.
  2. You have to be patient while butchering, as being violent will lead you to play the wrong move. Therefore, it will prove fatal.
  3. You have to prevent the strong moves of the Butcher and not hear him. Playing good moves is only possible by giving less time. Therefore turning the tide of the game to your side.
How to defeat butcher in shadow fight 2
  1. You have to experience every move of a butcher. Before he could even move, you should be playing move.
  2. You also have to get sufficient enchantment in order to upgrade weapons and the character’s strength.
  3. Your every upgrade should be above then level of 18. This is to balance the power of the Butcher with yours. Otherwise, you would lose the battle against him.
  4. You have to master strong and quick movements; therefore, you can encounter Butcher’s quick moves.
How to defeat butcher in shadow fight 2
  1. Butcher is a little slow in warlord order of movements; therefore, you can stop his attack and encounter him strongly. As this would be helpful for you.
  2. You have to attack with different and skilled strategies that you can handle easily.
  3. Butcher is very lazy as he is very bulky. Butcher takes a lot of time to move, which is useful.

Best Equipment

Butcher is a tough warlord to defeat. Therefore, you should have strong weapons. Among them are:

  • Staff of Night: It is staff. It is present at a level above 27. It is available in Act Five.
  • Big Swords: It is present at level 15, and its enchantment is blood rage.
  • Devastator: It is a super weapon present at level 16, and its enchantment is a life steal.
  • Glaive: It is a ranged weapon. It is at level 23.
  • Kusarigama: It is a sickle and weight type weapon. It is at level 24.
  • Butterfly Swords: There are two knives available at level 19.
  • Pharaoh’s Khopeshes: It is also a super weapon, and it is made available at level 21. Its enchantment is bleeding.

Butcher bodyguards

  • Bull uses Steel batons. His weapons are present at level four.
  • Bird is another bodyguard. He uses knives. Knives are at level 18, equal to level butcher.
  • Redhead fights with Tonfas. Tonfas are also at level 19.
  • Reaper’s strength is kusarigama. Kusarigama is at level 20.
  • Rhino is the strongest among them all. He uses crescent knives to fight his enemies.

Guide to Beat Butcher in shadow fight 2

  1. Yari is a strong weapon that is used for ninja and mongoose encounters. It is present at level 18. This is an essential weapon against Butcher.
  2. Be Quick and as fast as lightning. Therefore, you have to be perfect in every interval of the game.
  3. You have to be at the top of the game all the time in order to resist Butcher in a fierce battle.
  4. All weapons must be at a level above 18.
  5. Keeping distance is for your safety.
  6. Every upgrade is important to win the battle.


Battle with Butcher serves as a testing your skills and the energy of your weapons. After you defeat Butcher. You will be rewarded, and the storyline of the game will continue to move forward. You will learn many new tactics and weapons after winning this game. Always clear your mind while fighting against Butcher that you have won the battle. The time should be your main concern. You will learn many unique things about this game.


You will face Butcher in Act Seven Shadow Fight 2. In this act, there are challenging battles. Butcher is the strongest opponent in the game.

The Butcher uses two large butcher knives. His fighting style is fierce and includes powerful attacks.

You should be agile. You should use a variety of blocking and well-timed attacks to defeat the Butcher. You need to learn his attack patterns. Additionally, upgrading weapons and armor will lead you, Butcher, to his coffin.

You will get a seal with 3 gems. Further, you will get 25000 points in the game. Furthermore, Your game storyline will move forward.

You should have upgraded weapons with armor. You must have trained yourself in small fights. In order to polish your skills.

Butcher has severe aggression and has mastery over the use of dual weapons. You will find Butcher’s fighting style tougher compared to earlier overlords.

You should observe the Butcher’s movements and save yourself from his strong attacks. You should attack after his strong move to make you fear him.

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