how to defeat hermit in shadow fight 2

Victory Unleashed: Defeating Hermit in Shadow Fight 2 Tactics

Who is hermit?

Hermit picture

Hermit is an old self-taught martial arts teacher. He has some extraordinary powers. Hermit tries to fetch some intelligent students. So he can transfer his exceptional powers. He hosts the power competition for this purpose, but only one out of his five competitors has fair intentions. Others have greed for power. For fighting, he uses a pair of swords(which belong to the Sai class). His attacks done by these weapons are lightning-fast and do great destruction to the opponent. Among, his magic abilities involve throwing lightning and waterballs, which serve as his destructive magic acts on the opponent’s side. His long-range weapons include throwing spikes, hunting needles, and knives.


Hermit is the most senior man. He has a long white beard. He wears a green surcoat embroidered with demon armor symbols. He also wears a big funnel-shaped hat. He physically looks very strong and healthy and is quick with his sword movements and magic acts. You can play this apk from playstore

Easiest Way to Beat Hermit in Shadow Fight 2

  • You have to stop him from throwing lightning storms, as it can be more dangerous than you can think.
  • You should have a reserve of long-range weapons as it can be beneficial while the hermit is using his magic abilities.
  • Hermit continuously attacks with high speed and destroys enemies quickly. You just have to keep your morale high and not use any stupid moves because he is eager to kill you.
  • Hermit ranks after Titan and Wasp. Therefore, it is among the toughest warlords. You have to maintain your power till the end, as if he plays any wrong movement will cost him. In the end, use all your powers to defeat hermit in shadow fight 2.
  • You have to use weapons that are much lighter and faster than hermit’s swords. For this purpose, the efficient weapons are steel nunchaku. It is very fast; before the enemy can even react, it performs its act. It can destroy the enemy.
defeat hermit in shadow fight 2
  • You can use quick movements such as double kick jump, spinning kick,kick-flip,back-roll and wall jump. These tactics will help you as it will tire hermit. Once he gets tired, you can easily use your quick movements aided steel nunchaku. It would lead to the end of a hermit.
  • You have to save from hermit long-range weapons so that you can get hold of him afterwards. However, all weapons are easily available in Latest version.
  • You have to enchant your weapon and armour, as every enchantment is important except magic. As it is provided to you afterwards).
how to defeat hermit in shadow fight 2
  • The upgrade up to level three is capable of defeating the hermit.
  • You have to save a from the sword’s attacks because it has a dangerous enchantment, which causes seventy-five per cent weakness in ten seconds .
  • Time is also an important factor in avoiding hermit attacks. If you miscalculate any of his attacks, it will be fatal.
  • You also have to avoid the water balls of the hermit, as they are far more dangerous than his lightning arrows.

What are best Equipment against hermit

In weapons, you have to use steel nunchaku as it is lighter and much faster before your hermit could even react. Further, you have to use Chainmail armor as it is level 12, equal to that of a hermit and is the fourth upgrade in the game and you can also play it on pc. Voodo Vest is also armor present at level 12, but you cannot use it as it is only for Nintendo Switch. You can use Bronze Casque and Goldenhorn helmets to protect your head. Both helmets are at level 12 and are the fourth upgrade of helmets. Goldenhorn enchantment is shielding, and ability stats are 446. It is the more reliable helmet to protect you from hermit swords and magic attacks.

Among the short-ranged weapons, you can use kunai as it also presents level 12 and is among the third upgrade of its type of weapons. The reason Cursed pins(Range weapons) are at level 12 cannot be used is that they are only used in Nintendo Switch mode. Although it has its enchantment is a frenzy, and ability stats are 447. Therefore, if you are going to take the equipment as mentioned earlier, then, you can destroy the hermit very easily.

Advise to defeat hermit

  • Learn the dodging skills in order to tackle the fast attacks of hermit. You have to get ready while the hermit is preparing for an attack.
  • Think calmly; do not react violently. Be violent if you think that you can stop the hermit’s attack as if you choke if you can easily defeat hermit in shadow fight 2.
  • Do not attack in the early second, as he will kill you with his fast movements of swords.
  • If a hermit throws lightning towards you, you can avoid it by getting on shield armor.
  • You must keep time in mind and have to act bravely and put the fear aside while fighting with one of the demon warlords.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Weapons: Steel Nunchaku
Armor: Chainmail
Helmet: Goldenhorn and Bronze Casque
Shot ranged weapons: kunai

You will get x3 gems and x5000 coins.

Hermit’s magic abilities are no doubt the most effective weapon for his enemies.

Yes, you can betray his second bodyguard by offering 450 coins. He will never disclose this fact to anyone.

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