how to get monk set in shadow fight 2

How to get Monk set in Shadow Fight 2


In previous updates of Shadow Fight 2, the Monk set could be easily obtained in the secret path in the special fight “Ascension.” However, in the latest update, the removal of Ascension has left people wondering whether it is still possible to get a monk set. This article will highlight easy methods to get a monk set in Shadow Fight 2. It also discusses the benefits and how a monk set can be used to defeat the toughest bosses.

Methods to get Monk set in shadow fight 2

  • You can have at least a few pieces of a monk set or even a full monk set if you manage to get the top position in your Dan in the underworld. After that, you get a chest, and now it all depends on your luck on how many parts you would get.
how to get monk set in shadow fight 2
  • You can get Monk set in parts by parts by playing raids. By ending each raid season on the first five positions as a player, you get awarded Randomly from the Monk set.
  • By purchasing the Chest of the Forest Mystery with either 7500 shards or 329 gems, you will also get a part of the Monk set.4
  • If you want to test your luck, then the mystery box can also give you parts of the Monk Set.

All Monk Set Equipments

There are 5 pieces of equipment in the Monk set in this Apk.

Monk’s Katars

monkset1 removebg preview 1

They are difficult to use but are impactful once used correctly. Like knuckles, they appear deadly. It seems the best reward you can get from a monk set and to unlock mythical enchantment tempest Rage is very important

Monk’s Robe

monkset2 removebg preview

It is most useful in attacking your enemy as it resists hard hits and other deadly attacks from the enemy.

Monk’s Shuriken

monkset4 removebg preview

To make a distance from your enemy to avoid their attack, you need to attack them. So, throwing Shuriken works well. You can later mix shuriken attacks with punches, katars, or other special abilities.

Monk’s Helm

monkset3 removebg preview

This is a helmet shaped like a ninja head. It saves you from enemy hits and is full of energy.

Monk’s Amulet

monkset5 removebg preview

It is a must to unlock the mythical enchantment Tempest Rage. This Monk Amulet would be a possible reward for ending the season in Raid Chest. It will not come with poisoning enchantment, but when it is blended with Poisoning Enchantment from the raid, it becomes more deadly.

Monk set battle benefits

  • Monk set helps you to last longer in battles because your health is boosted in a way that you get more health points. So, lasting longer means you can attack more on the opponent and sometimes take more chances.
  • It also helps in dominating your fights as you are able to make more impactful attacks in the form of critical hits. So, the ability to increase power strikes makes your chances of the opponent attack less and also increases your chances of winning the battle.
  • As the shadow energy can make your losing fight to even win for you. By Monk set, you would have more shadow energy, and you can then make more special moves and combos. This makes the opponent fear you more.
  • By Monk set, your overall character abilities are boosted like punches, kicks, special attacks, better defense, and quick actions.


Getting Monk set in Shadow Fight 2 is not impossible, but it requires you to wait for some time. By knowing the methods, tips, and benefits from this article, you can get a Monk set but also use them accordingly in battle.


Blackflame Monk enemies drop it on land. These enemies are found in two locations, either at Volcano Manor or at the bottom of the Divine Tower of Caelid.

At the end of each season of Shadow Fight 2, you get this reward. Monk sets are necessary for unlocking the mythical enchantment Tempest Rage.

Yes, you can get it from raids.

A Monk set is a set of 5 pieces of equipment. It is useful due to its enchantment of tempest rage.

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