Naruto x Boruto ninja voltage Apk Vs Shadow fight 3 Apk


As far as ninja games are concerned, Naruto x Boruto Ninja Voltage is an action based and real-time role playing game featuring the Naruto universe based on the popular manga and anime franchise.. The game is based on the idea that you have to grow the resources of your village and also have to create a ninja fortress so that you can protect it from enemies. The second strategy is also seen as offensive, where you must conquer other ninjas fortresses. You can choose from Shippuden and Boruto universiities, and you can join other characters such as Sasake, Sakura, BOruto, and NAruto, all with a variety of skills, special abilities, and battlefield fighting techniques.



The graphics of this Naruto x Boruto Ninja Voltage Apk are based on anime and are 3D; here, you have to form a team of 4 against the giant bosses, and your team has to attack their fortresses secretly in this Surprise mission, and you have to be on the side of shinobi and has to design the for them In this competitive gameplay, you must protect your village from other bosses’ attacks by forming defensive strategies like setting up traps and placing defenses within the village. When fighting different village bosses, you must customize your tactics and character accordingly with the right weapons and trained shinobi for attacking and proper defensive items like armor.


Shadow Fight 3 apk has improved the gameplay a lot from Shadow Fight 2 apk as the game is smooth with 60fps of exciting gameplay, and the blend of dark backgrounds makes every action more noticeable, so that is why the aesthetics feel smoother and fun to play than in Naruto x Boruto Ninja Voltage Apk. Furthermore, the controls are much easier for beginners to learn. You have a virtual D-Pad on the left, and combining different kicks and punches creates combos easily for newbies and you can Get it from playstore.


The graphics Naruto x Boruto Ninja Voltage Apk are 3D, realistic, and full of life. When playing with your favorite anime idol, they are very detailed in terms of the body, details of face and actions that player feels like they are watching a cartoon controlled by themselves. The characters’ appealing appearance and unique abilities make them purposefully protect their village, and you enjoy their
every action.




you can participate in various missions and modes, such as the story mission in which you have to build a fortress and protect it and have to complete some challenges and special missions like surprise attacks and killing enemies in less time than possible.

Multiplayer mode:-

In this mode, the player has to play online, forming a team of an equal number of players in both fighting groups like pair vs pair, three verses three, four versus four and in all these, has to enter the fortress of the enemy, and by defeating you will rank on the leadership board while in multiplayer modes of shadow fight 3 Apk there is more competitive combat so after playing that you can defeat most of the difficult

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