Shadow Fight 2 Apk Vs Ninja Hands Apk



When thinking about old Ninja, our view is only restricted to movies, TV shows, and the enemy genre, and you would always wonder how Old Ninja fight and walk; ninja hands give you the exact experience. The game is the theme of the 15 and 17 centuries, where you will feel like you are in the world of ninjas ninja in Japan. The power of Ninja feels to be unmatched with spies, and it is too far from the dynamics of physics and our logical thinking. A blend of action and funny elements in this game, the Ninja has to fight bad boys in order to save beautiful girls, and you can produce smoke to appear from the eyes of bad guys.


The power attacking is in the gloves of the ninja fighter. You can control the skills that the hands will perform by buttons under the hands of the ninja that has gloves on them; popular attacks include fire, electricity, water, and many more. Whereas in Shadow Fight 2 apk, the power of a character was defined by their skins, weapons, and most importantly, the character that is fighting usually has unique abilities like lynx turning invisible. Butcher can bring huge earthquakes that can destroy any enemy, so Shadow Fight 2 apk is providing real value for you to feel like a ninja. In the Ninja Hands app, your control is mostly restricted to your hands. You can even control the army and can control and customize with hands, too.

While in Shadow Fight 2, apk players can use their whole body to fight and defend themselves. The main thing for attacking in Shadow Fight 2 apk is that weapons like knuckles can be used to enhance and make the attack through punch more impactful, SAI can be used for stabbing, batons being heavy and in pairs can be enough for your enemy if their two attacks landed directly on the head, katana a sharped curved sword can also be aimed to head and most exciting to use Nunchaku that is the best for short range attacks and most of time you makes an unexpected attack through it. So Shadow Fight 2 apk gives you a variety of attacks against your opponent as compared to the Ninja Hands apk


In the Ninja’s Hands apk, saving innocent people is the way to go. With unique ninja moves and hands, you can defeat them easily, depending on the surroundings. And using them in your favor and correct moves and attacking timing will make a huge impact on the enemy, and you can then defeat them. Earning gift such as coins can be done by following daily task that also makes you learn different moves and make you master those moves, so if the mission becomes more complex, you will become a pro. You will not get bored since there are exciting missions like jumping from buildings, sliding on ice, and so on.

Gameplay and Graphics

Also, you will experience Ninja Hands apk’s gameplay to be similar to Naruto’s, where the ninja accumulating power must prevent the girl from becoming a hostage by defending her. The graphics of Ninja Hands are 3d, and the gameplay, including movements, character smooth movements, actions, and special effects, are much more realistic. Still, the theme of Shadow Fight 2 APK overcomes the gameplay of Ninja Hands apk. Still, the simple handling and precise and accurate attacks are easy for beginners in Ninja Hands. Still, This APK tests the battlefield wisdom and ability to understand the opponent’s weaknesses and strengths and making attacks according to them is important.

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