how to defeat shogun in shadow fight 2

The Art of Beating Shogun: Shadow Fight 2 Success Guide

Who is Shogun?

Shogun is the emperor of Ivory City. He killed Prince, who was the previous leader of the city. He is a strong military overlord. You will face the Shogun in Act 6 (Iron Reign). He is at level 36. He uses Shogun’s Katana to fight battles against his opponents. He uses his large sword, Katana, for perfect attacks. He uses his shorter sword, Wakizashi, to perform final attacks on his opponents.


Both of his swords are present at a level greater than 36. These swords have Overheat enchantments. He achieves a maximum of thirteen stars in one attack with this weapon. Shogun’s magic abilities include the magic pillar, which reduces the opponent’s power by 45. The second magic ability is an asteroid that destroys the enemy by a maximum of 30. Fireball is also one of his magic abilities. Among his ranged weapons include Dragon Wings, Kunai of the Wind and Keen Chakram. The special ability of the Shogun includes summoning.


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Shogun is dressed like traditional Japanese bushi. He has a fierce face with long black hair. Shogun wears black armor and a helmet, which look alike when compared to real bushi. He has weapons named Diasho (Katana and Wakizashi). Shogun looks very strong physically. He looks like a strong young man of less than forty years old.

How to Beat Shogun in Shadow Fight 2

  1. You have to act calmly. Do not be aggressive as patience is a key factor to defeat Shogun.
  2. Firstly, you have to take care of yourself by using the strongest war suit and the lightest weapon that will cover your weakness. Therefore making you more resistant against one of the toughest overlords.
  3. You have to be positive throughout the game. You have to predict Shogun’s next tactic.
how to defeat shogun in shadow fight 2
  1. Time is an important factor as you have to surprise Shogun with your lightning attacks and not give him time to recover from the previous attack you did. Then, it will build your morale, and you can easily defeat Shogun.
  2. You have to work on quick movements like super lashes, kick-flips, back-flips, and Spinning kicks. These moves will be very useful for you to defend Shogun.
  3. You have to use different game paln according to the situation demand. If you escape from Shogun’s strategies, then you will be able to defeat Shogun easily.
  4. You have to maintain the force on Shogun so that you remain on the winning side of the game and you can play it on playstore.
  1. First, you have to target Shogun’s bodyguard, then survive, and then the final battle, which will decide your luck in the game.
  2. You must have the lightest weapons, strongest armor, and a long-lasting helmet in order to survive the fierce attacks against Shogun.
  3. You have to waste his time in order to make him tired. Once Shogun is tired, you can easily defeat him by using your quick movements and lightning back-to-back attacks.
  4. You have to fully upgrade yourself to level 36 equal to that of Shogun. Therefore, there would be a balance in the powers of both. Both would be equally damaging to each other.
  5. You have to learn all the tactics that are needed to win the battles against Shogun, and it will help you to excel over him easily.

Equipment needed to beat Shogun

In weapons, you have to use Katana. It is present at a level above 14. It has to overheat enchantment with points nearly 500. It is available to you from Act Three. Its most fatal attack is Spinning Slash, which helps you earn 13 stars. Axes are important weapons to carry while you are going to fight Shogun. Axes are present at level 15. They can cause from low to high damage depending on your use. You should also have steel claws. They are present at level 16 and can cause a lightning-fast attack.

how to defeat shogun in shadow fight 2

Spinning Claws Slash has maximum damage and will help you earn 15 stars. Staff is a weapon that is used for normal attacks. It is obtained at level nine. You can use a super slash to cause the maximum damage to the Shogun. Then, you will be able to gain 12 stars. Shuriken is also needed in shadow fight 2 . It is unlocked at level ten. It lies in the range of short-range weapons. Throwing knives also come in a range of short weapons. All these weapons are needed to overcome the big guy, Shogun

Tips to beat Shogun

  • You have to act in the limited possible time.
  • You have to maintain your focus throughout the game so that you can easily be able to defeat Shogun.
  • You have to perform calculated attacks in order to surprise Shogun.
  • You have to figure out Shogun’s strategy early so that you can be anti-move before it’s too late.
  • You have to avoid some of Shogun’s strong attacks, as facing them would prove fatal for you.
  • The right strategy at the right time will help you.

Shogun’s bodyguards in Shadow Fight 2

There are five bodyguards of Shogun. General will kill all the bodyguards to become the strongest among them of all.

CaptainStrength is Nodachi
MajorEquipped with Dual Wakizashi
ColonelBisento to showcase his power
CorporalJumonji Yari to deal with his opponents
GeneralHas Glaive to show his strength
Bodyguards’ Abilities


You will enter the underworld and be able to play the new act, Ascension. You will have to upgrade your skills as warlords will become stronger there.

With the help of enchantment, you will be able to upgrade your weapons and other accessories, which will help you win the battle against the Shogun.

Shogun magic abilities include asteroids, fireballs, and fire pillars. These abilities make him a more dangerous enemy to face.

Blood Reaper should be used as a weapon. Throwing knives and Shurikens as short-range weapons. Strong armor and a tough helmet at a level greater than 13 should be used to fight Shogun so you can defeat him.

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