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Ultimate Guide: Defeat Widow in Shadow Fight 2 Unveiled


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The first appearance shown by Widow is in Act V, and she is the fifth boss. You would have tried a lot to defeat widow in shadow fight 2, but you couldn’t resist her even till the second round.

After trying damage absorption and still all your efforts getting in vain, you have understood that defeating a widow requires strategy, the best weapons, and tips from the experienced. After defeating widow you have to defeat shogun. So, this article will guide you to all.

Tips and Tricks to Defeat Widow

  • Widow keeps on attacking you with punches, kicks, and her quick speed, so you have to be good at dodging to maintain your health and make Widow weak
  • Widow’s strength is in her closed-distance attacks, so maintaining distance from her is the way to go
  • make sure that your weapons have a long-range with level 29.
  • To avoid the widow throwing you away, maintain distance from her
  • making the widow lose her balance and then attacking her with a weapon or punches can make a bigger impact
  • Widow keeps on attacking you with punches, kicks, and her quick speed, so you have to be good at dodging to maintain your health and make Widow weak.
  • Using a double sweep just after widow teleportation is the most effective way to defeat her.

Widow Attacking Strategies

Widow’s Grappling

Widow would grapple you, and you have to counter it as soon as possible by pressing the block button or by using any of your special moves that can work to push her away.


Widow’s Range Attacks and weapons

Widow-range attacks can be deadly, too, as she keeps on using a dagger and her pair of fans. Despite fans being short range will not give you time for you even to react and is deadly. Moreover, ranged weapons like assassin Daggers, which she uses in second, should be dodged by jumping to keep yourself in a fight.

Widow Teleportation

Widow can teleport in the blink of a cyan beam of light flash, and you would see her attacking you from the back. You can easily dodge her teleportation by long forwarding or any other movement combo. This creates distance and avoids her attack from your back.


Widow’s health is increased 2.5 times with every attack because of her main weapon fan and other ranged weapons enchanted with lifestyle.



The feature that makes the widow outsmart you is regeneration, where widow-enchanted armor and helms make the widow’s health regenerate 4.5% for a few seconds after you hit her. So, try to beat her as soon as possible because, with time, her health improves while yours decreases.

Best Weapons to Defeat Widow

You would have tried Damage absorption and bleeding and even short-range weapons against Widow, but she can handle all these. Make sure to be quick with any weapons you use and use them at the right time.

There are few combinations of weapons to defeat the widow.

  • Wasps naginata
  • Butcher Knives with dark implosion magic and dmg absorption
  • Any Ranged weapon upgraded to level 3
  • double hammer attack on her head

Mistakes to Avoid against Widow

  • Not making the timed attack can make a widow to attack you
  • not having a good defense can make Widow finish you in the first round
  • Keeping yourself close to a widow can make a widow fan attack and end you.

Stages of Fight

  • In the first stage she uses a pair of fans and shield so keep her distance from her sword and attack wisely
  • She then Switches to claws to attack you, so here you need to defend yourself and use your best weapon possible in this apk
  • In the third stage, she uses a whip and a combination of punches, so use your shield to protect your health.


By all the above tips, you can defeat Widow, but there are many other ways depending on your character customization and the weapon upgrade level they are using.


If you have money, then buying it is the best option. Practicing kusarigama in survival mode and then applying it in a fight before Widow makes an attack can help you win the fight. But any other tactic can also work for you, but the best ones are listed in this article.

By dashing yourself forward to avoid an attack from back

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