ZOMBIE HUNTER Apk Vs Shadow Fight 3 Apk


When talking about first-person shooting combined with action and the touch of zombies and, most importantly, the game’s availability offline, Zombie Hunter is the must-try for everyone. This game is a perfect blend of shooting dead zombies and Apocalypse. As a player, you have to play the savior part, where you have to save the civilians from zombie attacks and power anthem to kill them in different areas. When the game starts, you have to choose the best weapons that suit your fighting strategy, and you have to be in 150 missions and destroy different types of zombies and further you can train your fighter in offline modes and even solve puzzles and find hidden treasures so this games gets interesting as you explore new options in it

Weapons and Challenging Enemies

At the start of Zombie Hunter, you have fundamental weapons that mostly become less useful in later fights as you need regular upgradation of weapons like rifles, snipers, machine guns, shotguns, pistols, bows, and even drones, etc., to survive and stay alert by keeping your finger on the trigger so you would be able to save the lives of people and yourself. You can even master the weapon’s aims and perfect your shooting tactics by practicing in a cyber-like environment your target would be crawling zombies, fat zombies, jumping zombies, and furious and funky zombies on the floor and ceiling. Upgrading is the best feature to kill the increasingly brutal zombies in this apk since you can improve your weapon’s zoom, stability, and strength, increasing your enjoyment. So load your gears, practice hard and get ready to destroy the Evil.

Whereas in Shadow Fight 3, apk has a much larger variety of weapons, each has unique strength, and using them will also make your fighting style different. The thing missing in Zombie Hunter Apk is the weapons from each culture, e.g., the Japanese Weapon Kusarigama. This Weapon has extraordinary power in it, and by throwing them, you can control the enemy’s moves further. The ones that I really enjoyed playing with are:-

Daggers:- if you are a pro and have played previous sequels like Shadow Fight 2 Apk, then your fast combat style would require precise attack, and for that purpose, Dagger is best to make a difference in fighting strategy. Nunchaku combines well with Dagger.

Knives and Staff:- The perfect combos for aggressive fighting in Shadow Fight2 apk, where wielding knives helps to surprise the opponent
by fast attacking execution, and for crowd control and sweeping attacks, Staff is best

Staff, Tonfas and Katars
These three I liked the most because they give you the true feeling of a martial arts fighter, tonfas being a traditional weapon used to blend your attack with defense further. Katars are an H-shaped handle used for thrusting and stabbing, where you can attack through it by building a trap around your opponent.

Interesting Modes

There are a few exciting features in Zombie Hunter to assist you. You can have dogs that will help you find out the undead, and you can unlock different dogs on every level by shooting other boxes. Further, increase your killing speed if you want to save innocent people, so utilize the weapons accordingly.

Offline Mode

Offline mode helps you play the game anywhere as you do not need an internet connection, as many zombie game requires stable internet connections. The apk, on the other hand, has a thrilling gameplay and detailed illustrations, which make it superior to many offline apks.

Whereas in Shadow Fight 3 apk, there is the list of modes that you can enjoy, and there remains no chance of gameplay getting boring


To keep your name at the top of the scoreboard , a tournament as best to enhance your combat skills where you, based on a theme engage in PVP battles and earn rewards in the form of rankings, coins, gems, and many special rewards


In this, the player follows the story and continues the gameplay and has to face and defeat many opponents and keeps on unfolding various challenges and secrets


The best feeling and way to earn rewards is when events pop up because it gives you a chance to earn unique awards. Further in a season, shadow pass allows you to gain seasonal progress as you have to perform similar tasks and challenges to events. Shadow pass will enable you to engage in individual battles and even perform special tasks.

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