Shadow Fight 4: Arena APK 1.8.20 [Unlimited money]

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Shadow Fight 4 APK

  • 1.8.20

Additional Information

Rating3.2 (14989 Reviews)
RequiresAndroid 5.0+
Size187.15 Mb
Last Update2 days
Rated for12+ Years

Highlighted Apk Features

  • Free Fight Pass
  • unlimited everything and max level 99
  • unlimited money and gems
  • Unlimited Health
  • Ad-free gaming
  • All characters unlocked

Features of Shadow fight 4 Apk

Unlimited Everything

Upgrade characters’ skills, armor, and equipment in shadow fight 4 Apk using unlimited money and gems. In addition, the version allows you to have a unique gaming experience as it has features that make it possible for you to become an avid gamer

Free Fight Pass

A fight pass will be available throughout the whole month of the shadow fight 4 Apk, bringing you exciting rewards and enabling you to become any legendary character in the game. The additional features include premium skins, weapons, chest and heroes as well,

Max Level 99

Enjoying the perks of last level at the start of game is every one dream, so in this latest version you can avoid waiting too long and easily get the thrill and enjoyment of max level 99 by Getting this version

All characters unlocked

With this updated version of Apk, you can play with every character from the legion, dynasty, and herald. By selecting any character, you can beat any boss you encounter.

Unlimited money and gems

In shadow fight 4 APK, legendary characters are key to winning battles, and with unlimited gems, you can unlock any of them and easily upgrade their armor, weapons, skins, and any other accessories.

Ad-free gaming

A pop-up ad disrupts your gameplay and makes you lose excitement. In this latest version, there is a block ads feature that will block all the ads during the gameplay automatically, which will make you enjoy ad-free gaming.

About Shadow Fight 4

The list of fighting games is uncountable, and if you are one of the millions of people who love action and martial arts, then Shadow Fight 4 Apk is the best game to match your interest. Unlike the previous shadow fight game, the fourth version offers complete and is almost different because it is entirely played online. This is possible with its multiplier option, which allows you to fight with multiple friends and even you can add different heroes to your crew and all of you would have different skills.

Play with players worldwide with different skins, armor, weapons, and skills and unlock different skins, armor, weapons, and skills.

Features of Shadow Fight 4

Worldwide Competition

Shadow fight 4 has exciting rewards and seasons that keeps on changing each month and each season has unique and attractive theme. Players can make purchases including armors, swords and other decorative items. Friends could easily be make by chatting and can send emojis after every fight ended and most intense battles ends with good friendships.

Shadow fight 4 mod apk

There are countless battles waiting for you so get ready to have a thrilling experience
Make new friends by Getting shadow fight 4 as It’s a great choice if you want to battle with them and relax yourself

Delve into Intense Fights

Shadow Fight 4 Arena is one of the most popular games, with millions of Users from the google play store in the action category and among its previous version, shadow fight games. Fighting is more enjoyable with 3D battles and playing with legendary heroes. Apart from playing legendary heroes, you can also fight players other than AI and even form a team of up to three people; with more skills and teamwork, you can easily defeat any team in classic and rank modes.

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Abundant Fascinating Characters

here are more than 14 characters with unique styles and fighting abilities and among
them the popular are helga ,monkey, king, kibo and many more are available except few who you have to unlock by unlimited gems and unlimited money and further with the help of cards you can also unlock new characters and each unique card assures that a unique character is unlocked. Each character has unique shadow abilities fir fighting like some fight with hands, swords, longsword and many deadly unique weapons

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The list of players in the shadow fight 4 apk are Ling, Xiang Tzu, Sarge, Lynx, Yukka, ironclad, Midnight, Helga, Marcus, Kibo, Fireguard, kate, Jet, Jack Bulwark, and many more.

Range of Locations

The updated version has number of locations with different characteristics for every location like you can play in Bamboo Forest, Marcus’ Village, legion capital, Archipelago of the Damned, the rift, winter bazar, void room, heralds city


Engage in PvP Fights

You can play online in PvP modes, which is a real-time experience you were not able to get in previous versions of shadow fight. As part of this version, you have the option to make a team and fight together of up to 3 people to fight against other groups worldwide. PvP offers the automatic inclusion of a substitute player as one of your team players is knocked out in battle. Before the next round, both teams can analyze their stamina and health. So, if you are a PvP fan and want to enjoy a real-time action experience, Access the shadow fight 4 Apk.

Various In-Game Modes

Shadow fight 4 Apk has 5 modes, each of them has separate fun and excitement

Ranked – If the matching process takes too long, players are given a chance to match with AI to avoid boredom. Competitors are ranked according to their skills and set to battle against opponents from all over the world with similar levels. Winning awards you with addition and trophies and losing make it loss of trophies.

Shadow Fight 4 Ranked Mode

VS Friend – As in the real world, fighting with friends makes the battle more exciting, and in a game like this one, you can invite your friends via your unique fight code to join and host the battle.

Events – A highly rewarding mode where players’ fighting skills are being tested to a maximum level with challenging and exciting rules, and you get this opportunity of getting rewards every week. A team of three characters with random fighting skills can play this mode, and winning all 5 battles with your team is highly rewarding. For it to work, you need in-game money, and it can be played with an unlimited number of characters.

Lunar Event in shadow fight 4

Stories – Earning many rewards and defeating the most challenging possible bosses is possible in this PvE mode. In this mode, you have to start with the lowest level with any of your chosen characters, so the key to winning here is only based on skills like fighting combos.

Shadow Fight 4 Stories

At first, winning all round by each of your chosen characters would be awarded a star, and later, silver would be awarded when a certain number of the round is reached by one of your characters, later silver could be utilized to spin the new roulette, and after every 10 turns a special award is given to the character.

Transform into Legendary Heroes

Using fight pass, you can be any legendary character you want, but it only lasts for one full month. Moreover, you could also add skins, suits, and armors to your character

Thrilling Devastation weapons Attacks

This has been a vast weapon collection with about more than 100 weapons. Premium weapons help you to make an unblock able attack and armor against your enemies. As weapons are the only equipment that make you a winner, so choosing them wisely is essential for you to and your team as well unlike armors, hats and gloves weapons is un upgradeable so choosing right one is the ultimate key to make an impactful effect in battle

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Realistic 3D Graphics

A variety of skins for the characters, along with sharp graphics, make the game more enjoyable. You can earn rewards, quests, and coins every month. Other people pays for in-game purchases to get the perks of those premiums equipment, but in this latest version, it is available for you free.

Buy Different Skins

A variety of skin customization options are also available in this app. Now, you can customize and level up your character based on your style preferences and uniqueness and give your character a distinct outlook.

How to Get and install Shadow Fight 4

Steps To Get Shadow fight 4

1-Click on above button to start accessing
2- Select accept from unknown option
3- once Accessed and install the Latest Apk
4- Enjoy the Perks of shadow fight 4 Apk

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What is Improved in this Sequel

This APK differs from its previous sequel in that it has improved graphics and unique characters for you to play with. Further, the powerful and impactful sound quality gives you more of a feeling that you will keep hooked on this game. There are no glitches associated with weapon usage.

How to Play Shadow fight Arena


  • Play as many event as possible to unlock every possible character skin as it would help you to gain more attention with your friends
  • Keep practicing with your friends as a team as it would help you to defeat any team in the world
  • Keep your weapons, armors and character skin updated to utilize their maximum fighting potential when playing

Can Sarge be defeated in Shadow Fight 4?

How to defeat sarge

The power he possessed suppressed the will of others, making him one of the most difficult opponents to overcome. He is also known for his perfect balance, even during walks, making him impossible to attack. The one way to defeat Sarge is when he Stops. Makes him attack you, and during this, when he stops, attack him. Blending your attacks with an offensive mindset is important here, like attacking with ranged weapons, Hammer strikes and grabs, and focusing on this pattern will soon make him fall under your foot.


By playing the Shadow Fight 2 and Shadow Fight 3, this version is surely improved in terms of Graphics, control, smoothness and all list of Characters. Further, the promo codes Add more fun to the gameplay.
There is no chance for you to get bored with so many PVP fights and many game modes. Furthermore, locations like Holiday Bazaar, Herald Capital, Port of Dynasty Shadow Rift and many more give the overall gameplay a feeling of competitiveness and variety


You can fight in more locations and characters in this latest apk. Furthermore, this version includes a PvP option that wasn’t available in the previous version, so now you can form a team of three players to compete worldwide.

yes, it is free to Get and all the features are available for you to enjoy lifetime

In shadow fight 4, is Sarge the most difficult opponent to beat?
Because of his consistent foot movements, Sarge is a tough opponent to defeat. As a result, waiting to see if he stops and making an attack would be the wisest course of action and making a surprise attack on him while maintaining few steps back from him can make you a winner

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