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Shadow Fight 2 APK

  • 2.33.0

Additional Information

Rating4.2 (1,112 Reviews)
RequiresAndroid 4.4+
Size149.0 Mb
Last Update2 days
Apk Infolevel 52 max, Unlimited energy
Rated for10+

Highlighted Apk Features

  • All weapons unlocked level 52
  • All weapons unlocked level 99
  • Unlimited money and gems
  • unlimited energy
  • Free shopping
  • All boss unlock
  • One Hit Kill
  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • God feature
  • Frozen Enemies
  • Available in all languages
  • No root required
  • no ads
  • without enchantment problem

Shadow Fight 2 Apk Features

Unlimited Everything

Customizing your character with unlimited Armors, different swords, nunchacku and special powers to compete with opponent demons. You can withstand unlimited attacks from your opponent without even losing health due to unlimited health in this version.

All weapons unlocked

Having access to every weapon you could desire while playing with the hardest Demon, you can easily defeat them. With all weapons unlocked, upgrading to the next level of the game will also be easier, and with all weapons unlocked level 99 you can complete it within a shorter time.

level 52 max

For every enthusiastic person who wants to experience every fight experience without waiting too long for the next level to be unlocked can take advantage of apk all weapons unlocked level 52 perks, where you can fight with any boss at any venue because of access to max level 52.

Special Abilities

Making special unexpected attacks on opponent that is only part of this version, like freezing the opponent and ending them by one punch through one punch man is also highlighted feature.

Unlimited money and gems

Unlimited money and gems allow you to buy any armor suit, upgrade shadow fighter skills, and, most importantly, upgrade weapons to max level and get all maps unlocked in this latest version; the result is that you can concentrate on opponent moves and, when you have the chance, defeat them with one shot.

Free Shopping

Free shopping allows you to buy anything you like, weapons, armor suit, and even other currencies through the shop

About Shadow Fight 2 APK

Among the bundles of fighting games, the one that tests players’ abilities, fighting aptitude, and response speed is Shadow Fight 2 Apk. More than a hundred million Users make everyone play the latest version, even if the person is in the racing game category. Players kept hooked on Shadow Fight 2 because of its graphics, Thrilling battles, interesting storyline, and proper sequences of battles. As a ninja fighter, you have to save your land from different bosses like hermits, butchers, wasps, etc, in one-on-one battles. This app allows the player to experience the perfect blend of action, thrill, and role-playing fun because here, you have to dominate the dark forces.


The storyline for Shadow Fight 2 Apk consists of a fighter named Shadow who wants to compensate for his mistake of freeing demons and giving way into his world. To close the door, Shadow must get Demon seals from his opponent by defeating them, and he does this through many of his allies. In the game’s second stage, Shadow loses his friend May and soon finds out that she is on the other side of the gate that he has closed. And saving his friend cost him to fight a more robust and skilled enemy, “The Titans”.  

Your character can be equipped with unique armor, martial arts techniques and deadly weapons. Among many sequels from shadow fight, the second version is the most popular and exciting. During the six worlds, you will fight the lynx, titan, fungus, vortex, Karcher, Arkhos, Tenebris, Drakaina, Shogun, Hermit, Butcher, Wasp, Widow and many more demons.

Weapons like Swords, Crescent Knives, Claws, Hammers, Axes, Spears, Shurikens, Sai, batons, ninja swords, Daggers, Tonfas, krises, Staff, and Harrier hooks help you to defeat your opponent quickly and further punches, kicks, special weapons use and navigational pads add value to your fighter skills.

About Shadow fight 2 APK Features

Unique Shadow Combat

From among the best fighting games, the one that you have never imagined is Shadow Fight 2 Apk max level 52, where combos, deadly weapons, and proper fighting skills against the strongest demons would work only and the fights in shadow fight 2 Apk level 52 max would leave you thinking that you have already won, but at the last moment enemy can make a surprise attack. During the intense battle, fighting a more skilled and heavy enemy would any time throw you back where you have started if you play lightly anytime


Conquer the Six Realms

In the seven fighting environments with different bosses to compete, you must progress with courage as each world has five bosses. The upgradation of the right weapons and skills after each level will allow you to move, as each enemy has unique and deadly weapons in each world.

Several Unique Opponents

The deadliest and toughest to face enemies are bird, butcher, read head, wasp, bull, widow, shogun, reaper, volcano, guru, puma, megalith, captain, vortex and many more


Abundance of Weapon Types

Weapons like Swords, Crescent Knives, Claws, Hammers, Axes, Spears, , Sai, batons, ninja swords, Daggers, Tonfas, krises, Staff, and Harrier hooks help you to defeat your opponent quickly and further punches, kicks, special weapons use and navigational pads add value to your fighter skills


Realistic Graphics

With the characters shown as black shadows and every action by your player looks Impossibly Slick Animation. The graphics of the shadow fight 2 Apk for android is based on action and power theme as this blend of two-component further increase the interest of the user


Customization and Control

Besides customizing the appearance of your player, you can equip him or her with the best magical power, armor suits, and weapons. This game is also a piece of cake for a newbie in the fighting category because you can quickly jump, run, and attack. You can quickly attack and perform any action by easily moving in every direction.

Summer Event Await

Summer event catches the attention as it is a new feature in the updated version. A Boss who uses sun unlimited energy to destroy you and the whole world could be your main enemy. With the help of the sun and his other power, he would turn green land into deserts. As autumn approached, the blistering heat of the sun would remain, and the world would be shocked. So, are you excited to defeat the boss and save the world?

Next-Gen Image System

A great advancement for the gaming industry is the new image technology. Other than the storyline, content, and graphics previously in another version of the game, this technology gets every user hooked to the game. Many times, you may feel that you are watching an action movie.

Game Modes

shadow fight 2 apk new version has several Game modes, each having different rewards and fun. By Playing Various modes, you would not only Gain experience but also get coins and gems to upgrade your weapons, skin armor, etc.

Main Mode

The main mode is the toughest one, as it has 7 bosses waiting for you in 7 chapters. Before getting to the actual boss, you have to defeat all 5 bodyguards. Each chapter or level in this mode requires your fighting strategy, weapons, and skins to be upgraded because each boss is more challenging.


In Ascension, you have to have either 3 tickets or 80 Ruby to get the token to be here. In the first turn, if you accept to take down 5 opponents and did it succeed in it, then you have to gather more tickets. At end you will get monk set as reward.


They are situation-based Challenges that have different rewards based on difficulty.


In a tournament, you have to face 24 enemies, each having different abilities and appearance. Each match consists of 2 rounds, with each round having 99 seconds of play. You will start facing challengers after 12 fights. The rewards of each fight are different, like weapons, power, skin, etc.


In survival, you have to test your fighting ability by not losing any of 10 fights in a row.

Special Mode

In special mode, there are further two modes, Underworld and Eclipse
Underworld has more than 13 demons on 7 different Levels

  • Level 1: Volcanic, Megalith, vortex and Fungus
  • Level 2: Fatum, Arkhos
  • Level 3: Hoaxen

Eclipse Mode rewards you with the weapon of the opponent you are fighting. After defeating the butcher, you will get his Meat Cleavers.

How to Play

The difficulty level of playing is the same for newbies and pros in this latest version, But understanding the movement, action, and weapons effectiveness could make things easy for you and they can easily be understood by watching your gameplay or any video.

Calculated Strike Decisions

If you are a random button presser while gaming, it will not work here as it would leave you with Depleted Health Bar, Unexpected Frustration and Disarmed. So, relying less on weapons and more on martial arts skills is the way to get here.

Swapping attack Techniques

Repeating your attacking skills will train the Game bot, and your losing percentage will increase as you will become more readable and defeat able

Striving Until the Last

Higher health won’t make you a winner, but defeating demons will reward you with victory points

Decode Titan Tactics

Titans are the most difficult to defeat, so since the first round with them, learn their moves and weapons vulnerabilities to avoid getting stuck with them. 

Pros & Cons

Convenient Accessibility

Simplicity and ease of understanding make games more enjoyable and fun to play. Practicing your moves and weapons can make you a pro of shadow fight 2 Apk.

Unlimited Everything and max level 52

Shadow Fight 2 Apk comes with all weapons unlocked and unlimited money, max level 99, so who wants to avoid winning with endless benefits? Further, the updated version gives unlimited health as well.

Anti Ban Security

The fear of getting banned by the developers is no more a problem as this is the anti ban, so every shadow fight 2 Apk lover can enjoy it without worry.

All boss unlock

The amusement level increases when you get to practice playing with any powerful demon you want, and it also keeps your enjoyment level at peak every time you play with unlimited energy.

Without enchantment problem

by skipping the enchantment features when installing the Apk latest version 2024, and then getting shadow fight 2 Apk 2.28.5, but now you have to only offline

User-Controlled Updates

As it is a version so, every time you have to search for and install the latest version as it is not linked to the play store

Steps to Get and Install latest version

To Get shadow fight 2 Apk latest version 2024 from

1- Click the Get button from top or bottom of page
2-Save the file in easily accessible folder
3- As the Get ends, click on shadow fight 2 Apk file
4- Click on accept from unknown sources
5- once installed, enjoy unlimited everything and max level 52.

Steps to install shadow fight 2 mod Apk

Installation steps for new version 2024


This game is a perfect match if you are into action gaming. It is primarily focused on martial arts, which is not a new concept. However, the action, graphics, and missions distinguish it from other action games. In order to enhance the thrill of playing, action lovers should Get the version. So Get it from our website.


Yes, you do get unlimited health. Other than that, it also becomes easier to defeat demons because they become easier to predict if you have unlimited health.

The mod version gives you the perfect chance to practice weapons as much as you can because of no limits for weapons and armor health.

Just make the right customization to your character weapons and attack on boss, when they feel tired or you feel that there is no attack expected from them, just attack with freeze option

The two best are Composite sword and Hermits sword that you would get when you defeat Hermit in eclipse mode

By using special abilities in fight to end in as soon as possible

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