Exploring the World of Shadows: Shadow Fight 2 Apk for iOS

Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2 APK for iOS

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Shadow Fight 2 popularity is not only restricted to 40 million Facebook users, but this RPG game is a blend of classical fighting, and the theme is known by every person who loves epic battles. The interesting thing about Shadow Fight 2 is a player feels to be a real martial arts pro where you can use lethal weapons, armor sets, skins, and many martial arts combos to defeat devils like Titans, bosses, lynx, and many more. Gate of Shadow has always been a goal to protect any of the fighters. There, you also have to defeat the titan in the battle of silhouettes, so Get the Shadow Fight 2 app for iOS to enjoy the Action and epic battles.

Additional Information

Requires6.0 iOS+
Size428 Mb
Last Update2 days
Compatibility(iPhone)Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
Compatibility(iPad)Requires iPad OS 11.0 or later.
Rated for12+ Years

New Features

  • Improved Technical issues
  • Enjoy Substantial Price Reductions
  • Acquire the Cursed Coffer and Mysterious Elixirs
  • Better location and clan raids
  • Improved characters designs


The plot of Shadow Fight 2 special edition is that you would be a hero and the only one to end the oppressive rule of Titan and fulfill the oppressed resident’s hopes of freedom. You would be starting with zero skills and by training in deadly combos and then upskilling yourself to practice weapons like knives, swords, Knuckles, Sai, and Steel Batons, and by these, you can face and defeat any enemy that will come your way. APK Shadow Fight 2 for iOS features a story that is not only engaging, but you will pass through a variety of story arcs and face a variety of bosses. After that, you’ll have to face Titan, the most changing final boss.

Installation of Shadow Fight 2 IPA using AltStore

1-Get .ipa file on your gadget

2-Access My apps tab in alt store on your device

3-Now run the ipa file of shadow fight 2 that will popup by click + icon on left

4-login with your Apple ID and password and install shadow fight 2 for ios

5-Once Accessed Enjoy shadow fight 2 for for apple device

How to Install Shadow Fight 2 IPA with Sideloadly?

1-Get.ipa file from sideloadly in your mac or apple device

2-Open the Accessed file of ipa in your sideloadly in iOS from laptop or mac

3-login with your Apple ID and password and install shadow fight 2 apk for ios

4-click on allow installation from developers from settings option

5-if you are on iOS 6,enable developer version

6-Once completed enjoy shadow fight 2 Apk for iOS

Pros and cons

  • Epic battles
  • Various game modes
  • immersive graphics
  • easy to customize characters
  • silhouette theme game design
  • Energy meter dropping suddenly
  • Control difficult to learn by newbies

How to Play on Mac

Playing Shadow Fight 2 APK gives you a real feeling of a ninja but a bit slow combat. This APK is experienced as compared to other games like Mortal KOMBAT and Little Fighter 2, but still, Shadow Fight 2 APK for iOS outranks them in many ways. Controls of Shadow Fight 2 being simple will not turn in your favor if you are a button masher.You at least have to learn two basic fight attacking buttons ,punch and kick. You have to maintain your energy level in the right way so that it does not deplete quickly so that you can avoid paying real money to buy it again. Winning the battle and lasting the battle longer can make you win more coins and gems that you can later utilize to unlock special items like skins, armor, and weapons. In order to challenge yourself to RPG games and intense battles, give this app a shot.

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