shadow fight 4 story

Shadow Fight 4 Story Unveiled: Evolution of Shadow Mind

shadow fight 4 story

The Latest trailer explains all Shadow Fight 4 Stories. The trailer is Different from its previous sequel Trailer in many different ways. The first time you hear Shadow’s true, awesome, truly Shadow Fight 4 story will cover all the amazing things revealed in the game trailer.

Shadow fight 4 Story explained

The trailer starts with the amazing and unique voice of Shadow Mind, which was not heard before. Shadow’s mind explains how the destruction of the gate of Shadow has led the whole world to the Spread of Shadow Energy.

SF4 1

Further, he also reveals his own story of how he got to his first place to live. Shadow Mind compares the past power and shows he is no longer weak. It also shows that he keeps evolving like all characters in other games.

SF4 2

He further says that he keeps becoming powerful and preparing himself for any enemy. Despite getting tried many times to be controlled by Enemies, he builds his forms and power. Shadow Mind was bound to get anybody to maintain his power in the previous sequel.

SF4 4

Further dynasty monks prepare them to control shadow energy. Shadow Mind experienced experiences on one of his forms by heralds. In short, He was forced to get to Cat like creature form by heralds. But, he keeps on his aim and didn’t tell any of his Knowledge to heralds.

End of shadow Fight 4

At last, shadow Mind comes to his senses and gets to the end of his evolution. He chooses a human-like body for Himself. To rule the world, the shadow Mind becomes Evil. He further challenges everyone to fight his unmatchable power.


Since all the character belongs to alternate timelines it, is possible here

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