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Unlock Victory: Shadow Fight 3 Tips for Dominating Fights

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When talking about the game that has intense battles and thrilling and challenging factions known as Legion, Dynasty, and Hearld, there is no chance of getting bored. But, with no previous RPG experience and consistent losing of battles, it will upset you, and you could even think of deleting the game. But Shadow Fight 3 tips and tricks will guide you to combat, which will make you enjoy the game, and even you will win battles. In order to make sure that you defeat most of your enemies and come out victorious, we have provided you with the best possible general information and tips from all the professionals. Also Check out Latest Promo codes

Tip 1: Practice Makes Perfect

Shadow Fight 3 Tips

When playing a game, there are a lot of options to choose from for your battles. So, knowing each of your weapons, skin, and character abilities and mastering it in a way that automatically gets implemented in battles require a lot of practice. By pressing 3 times the up button, you get to fight Gizmo in training mode. So, practice all of your abilities, like weapons, on him to get better control and ideas of it.

Tip 2: Learn All Combos

sF3 2

Special moves are accessible to you when ability cards are unlocked for any weapon, gear, or any other item. So, when you add ability over any equipment, it becomes easier for you to defeat any opponent because of the special Move.

Mostly, when facing experienced opponents, they will easily predict your next Move by understanding your fighting pattern and your grip over your weapon. So, you can outsmart them with all of your combos in Shadow Fight 3. So, the training room is a place to become a master of all your combos. You will also be able to learn combos better when you keep an eye on the popup guide when using them during battle.

Tip 3: Timed Attacks

Timed Attack Image

In order to be successful, it is imperative to understand when is the best time to attack and defend. When an opponent consistently attacks you, then waiting is the perfect option. But keeping your next attack in mind and attacking just after the opponent finishes is a way to go here. Because, at that time, the opponent’s energy is lost. So, read his actions accordingly.

Tip 4: Save Your Shadow Energy

Timed Attack Image

The thing that always works in your favor is shadow Energy. It is located just below the health Bar on the screen. This bar keeps on filling with every attack of the opponent on you. By pressing the up button twice along with the shadow Energy button, you will enter the shadow Form. In this form, you will get three additional abilities.

It is advisable to save this energy till round two because there you would need shadow Energy the most. Before entering, keeping a distance to avoid getting interrupted is important. By using shadow Energy from a distance, your striking power doubles. Also, you can only use any ability once in shadow Form.

Tip 5: Timing your Attacks

Timing Attack Effects

In order to be successful, it is imperative to understand when is the best time to attack and defend. Tip: Precise and Aimed attacks
When making an attack, make sure to attack the aimed body part of the opponent. When attacking, aim for his head because this can make the opponent drop the weapon. Additionally, it will leave your opponent stunned and with no energy. Also, the vice applies to avoiding head injuries.

Tip 6: Being Unpredictable

Tip image

Your opponent will surely be troubled if you make predictable moves . Blending your pattern of main moves is important. This also gives you an edge for filling Shadow Energy Bar quickly. So, blend your attacks with High, Middle and low attacks.

Tip 7: Swap Out Your Gear

All weapons options

When you unlock cards and chests, you get many options for different gears, skin, and weapons. Over time, you will choose the one with higher stats and keep playing battles. Only with that will you eventually need to change your weapon for a new boss. In other words, changing your weapons at the last stage isn’t going to make you a master at the game. Hence, practice all weapons with different gears from the start so that, when the time comes, you can pick from a variety of options, and everything will work well for you.

Tip 8: Upgrade Your Gears

Weapon upgrade

Gears become important when all of your tactics against your opponent become useless. So, focus on upgradation by completing the Quest and opening cards. Getting into collecting more and more card earnings by watching ads could be done. So, getting a pool of cards gives you more chances to upgrade the weapons that best suit your Fighting Style.

Tip 9: Bosses Weakness and abilities

Boss attacking tip

Understanding the boss’s abilities and weaknesses before the fight starts can bring a lot of changes during fights. Fekir Kamal is capable of throwing fire that deals a lot of damage. Vampire lord capable of Underneath Assaults that has even more damaging power. Ursus is capable of using the power of light. So, Dodging these sorts of attacks is challenging. Underneath Assault is a normal attack and can be dodged, but Vampire lord requires strategies before battle, as turning around could also be dangerous. Additionally, weaknesses should be kept in mind.Dang Rao, once dodged, could be defeated despite having a deadly sword.

Tip 10: Side Quests and Duels

Special Side Quest

A great way of earning coins is Side quests. In that daily task, you have to complete 4 missions, and you will get the key for that. Combining those keys, you will get to open special Chests and get a lot of rewards. Further, playing in Duels also helps you gain coins. Your character’s performance can be improved with the Equipment you receive.

Tip 11: Fighting Style Selection

Fighting Style

High-stats equipment choice is the best decision you have made. Further, it also increases your chance of Success and makes any match or event easier for you. But, choosing Equipment only on the basis of stats and power and not taking your favorite style into consideration could be later cause of your boredom.

Pros Shadow Fight 3 Tips

  • Most people spend shadow Energy on the first thing they get, but waiting is sensible because good weapons are yet to come.
  • High-damaging weapon with weak Armor is not a good combo, so upgrade all your items in Sets.
  • To keep battles Enjoyable going with your Fighting Style is helpful.
  • Many Fights require you to defend until a perfect chance of attacking Comes.
  • Avoid attacking more than twice in a row.
  • In order to earn more coins, Begineer should play at least 10 games.
  • You should have experience of playing in all factions.
  • If you have money, then buy the best possible Equipment
  • Hitting Enemies harder is the way to make an impact in battles.


We have covered all Shadow Fight 3 tips that will cover every aspect of the game possible. Further, things can also vary depending on the situation of battles. So, playing more and more games is the key to getting more advantage of the situation. Among all the Shadow Fight 3 tips, the most important is managing coins for later purchases, and making the right purchases for the right boss makes the difference. If you understand any three of the tips along with managing coins, it can make a huge difference to your fights.


By pressing the + button and the up button

By pressing the + Button and Right button

With the left button, press the + button

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