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Shadow Fight 3 Factions Guide: Legion, Dynasty, Heralds

Shadow Fight 3 factions

Shadow Fight 3 Factions: Introduction

Shadow Fight 3, also known as The World of Shadows, thrills, and Martial Arts, is the sequel to Shadow Fight 2 and is one of the mobile fighting games that is popular with every age group. It has improved graphics in a way that its previous sequel was 2d, and this app is 3d. Despite this, shadow mode can still be used in 2D mode. During the storyline, the most interesting thing is to choose from Shadow Fight 3 Factions that include Legion, Dynasty, or Heralds. The choice of factions in Shadow Fight 3 Determines your fighting style, storyline, and equipment like weapons, armor, chest etc. So, this article will cover an in-depth overview of all three factions in detail.

Guardians of Order and Justice: The Legion

The legions are known for maintaining Order and Justice and ending the clouds of Darkness in the world of Shadow Fight 3. They are known for Their Disciplined Fighting style that reflects old martial arts moves and up-to-date equipment like Weapons. You, as a LEgion fighter, have to be on the path of truth where the focus is all on order and Justice. The main narrative of discipline, sacrifice, honor, and Justice is explanatory by the characters of Marcus and ITU.

Legion Enlisted Comrades:

  • Marcus
  • Ambassador
  • Gizmo
  • Greta
  • Moira
  • Sarge
  • Queen Iolanda
  • Shadow
  • Lost Scout
  • Helga
  • Millenium Wolf
  • Ironclad
  • Sven
  • King of the Legion

Faction Gallery:

Ancient Martial Arts Mastery: The Dynasty

The Dynasty Faction is known for its ancient Artistry of combat. Their fighting style contains old Martial Arts TechniqTheirThier fighting style has a powerful technique that reflects power in it. This Shadow Fight 2 faction involves fight is a blend of ancient and Modern Ideals that is reflected by some of the Dynasty Avatars like June.

Dynasty Enlisted Comrades

  • Deng Rao
  • June
  • Tarlan
  • Emperor
  • Jet
  • Emissary
  • Captain Phang
  • Galen

Faction Gallery:

The Artistry of Heralds

Heralds are Also known for deceptive tactics, special moves, shadow manipulation and unique fighting Style. The leader of Hearald is Shadow, and he has a mysterious fighting style and knowledge of Shadow Energy that helps to Explore the dark martial Arts forces.

Heralds Enlisted Comrades

  • Shibata
  • Itu
  • Kibo
  • Kitsune-1
  • Feldsher
  • Nanami
  • Master Okada
  • Bolo
  • Iolanda

Faction Gallery

How Factions Impact Game Strategy

The choice of Shadow Fight 3 Factions is an important decision because it determines the storyline, gameplay, and overall player avatar progression. Each faction has unique perks, fighting style, strategy to gameplay, and tactics for you, so try each faction in detail. Based on your opponent and your strengths and Weaknesses, choose your faction because this is what makes the gameplay fresh, engaging, and Competitive for you.

Faction Influence on Avatar Development

Faction choice also directly influences avatar development. When the player engages in battle and earns points, that contributes to the overall avatar Progression. When the avatar gets boosted, there comes the opportunity for customization, enhanced combat skills, and unlocking many new abilities, and the avatar feature reflects the preferred fighting style. The customization includes weapons, armor, sets, and other accessories that increase their effectiveness in battles.

Advantages of Aligning with a Specific Faction


  • They have knowledge based technologies
  • They have deadly attacks because they are extremely quick and precise.
  • Everyone fears facing them.


  • They are the only ones to have no weakness
  • They have a good cause of sacrificing themselves for Mankind
  • They replicate the life of the Army and have full dedication to fights
  • Dynasty:-
  • They are skilled in fighting with lightweight weapons
  • They are swift and elegant, and their Fighting style is Graceful
  • Their Perks always give an Advantage to the user.


The choice of Shadow Fight 3 factions is completely in your hands. You have to choose either Shadowy Heralds, Disciplined Legion, or the honorable Dynasty and keep following tips. Throughout the game, you would be on a journey that aligns your chosen Faction storyline, Fighting Style, and overall experience. However, The challenges in each Faction are almost the same, so you have to grind in each Faction equally. Let Faction take you on an unmatched journey.



By clicking on the option fiction icon that is in the main menu.

Choosing a Faction is completely your choice. Depending on your Fighting Style and interest is what most people choose. If you are an offensive player, then Go for Heralds or Legion.


There are three factions: Legion, Dynasty, and Heralds.

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