How to defeat sarge in shadow fight 3


The last fight of the first chapter with Sarge is one of the toughest. This fight is based on a timer. In each of the 5 rounds, you have 99 seconds, and it becomes compulsory for you to defeat Sarge.

how to defeat sarge in shadow fight 3

The fight becomes more difficult with the limitation of not using Shadow form in the first round. In this article, you will be able to learn the tips and tricks to defeat Sarge in Shadow Fight 3 that I have learned over time. After defeating, you will have access to shadow abilities, and Sarge gets into shadow form for the rest of his life.

Guide to Defeat Sarge in Shadow Fight 3

Sarge will enter with two Hammers in hand. He promised to be fair in a fight in the first round by agreeing not to use shadow power, and you also agree on that. You would be dominating him in the first round. But be ready for his attack and use of shadow power in the second round. He becomes unfair, so you have to adjust accordingly. You also have to counter his non-shadow attacks.

Defeating in Shadow Mode


You can also defeat Sarge in shadow mode by maintaining a decent distance that is effective and safe for you as well. Hammer attacks on Sarge can be avoided by maintaining distance from Sarge. To avoid sarge quick attacks you can use a staff as it is most effective. By staff, you can make quick attacks.

Tips and Tricks to Defeat Sarge

  • Since Sarge is quick in his attacks, avoid him getting closer to you when you are unarmed. He uses a punch on your stomach followed by hitting your head, so this combo is deadly.
  • Get your ranged weapons ready and attack him constantly until he loses his balance.
  • Sarge Bos’s ability can be countered by attacking him from behind.
  • You have to double-tap the forward button to get to the back of the shadow for attacking
  • Sarge’s attack with the hammer can be dodged if you are far away from him
  • Dodging a hammer attack will give you the chance to attack Sarge.
  • As soon as Sarge comes near to you, Spinning Slash of Spears is the best close-range attacking option.

Best Weapons to defeat Sarge

here is the best weapons to defeat sarge in this Apk.

Sarge WeaponsEffective Weapons
Bonecrusher (Twin Hammer)Spear
Sarge WalkStaff
Long Sword

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