how to defeat bolo in shadow fight 3

How to defeat bolo in shadow fight 3


You have reached chapter 7, and you are not finding a way to defeat Bolo in Shadow Fight 3. Bolo, being the first boss, will make problems for you in all 5 rounds. But winning the 3 of 5 rounds as soon as possible is the way to go. This article will brief you regarding tips, guidance, and the weapons to use against Bolo to dominate every 99 seconds of each round as it is requires different strategies than other games.

Guide to defeat Bolo in Shadow Fight 3

Bolo Reflexes

Bolo will counterattack by hitting your head with a slash. Bolo uses his Nodachi to decrease the effectiveness of your attack. Sometimes, attacking with melee or ranged attack can also be blocked with Glowing Nodachi. After using Nodachi, he lost reflexes, so, during his recovery time, you can attack and defeat Bolo.

how to defeat bolo in shadow fight 3

Time Cuboid ability

To recover his health, he makes the other player move away from him and then launches a cuboid on the ground to control and stop time. Bolo will fly, and before it, he becomes rock solid, so any attack from you will not affect him. Further, during this time, bolo health is also recovered. After this, Bolo becomes able to attack you with only two slashes, each with increasing power, and this will eventually end you.

Tips to defeat Bolo in Shadow Fight 3

  • Not having a proper weapon can also work, as you can use a triple kick against Bolo.
  • In order to counterattack Bolo, you must have good armor with you.
  • You have to end the shadow bar of Bolo by attacking him with chakra.
  • Chakra will allow Bolo to spend his shadow form time in blocking and parrying.
  • wait for Bolo to attack you, and then attack him to make a better impact.
  • The worst time to attack Bolo is when his weapon is glowing
  • Wait for Bolo’s weapon glow to end and then attack him with non-stop physical attacks.
  • You can dominate Bolo because he is old and weak.
  • Bolo’s slow movements, along with muscle pain, make him fatigued as he sometimes faces difficulty in lifting Nadachi’s weight.
  • Make sure to understand bolo movement as he moves slowly, and sometimes slow movement causes him not to time his kicks, jumps, and rolls.
  • Bolo Nodachi cannot resists shadow abilities, so this can be taken as the biggest weakness, as Bolo cannot block or throw.
  • During the time of cuboid when Bolo becomes rock solid, don’t waste your time and energy on attacking him.
  • When attacking the cuboid in its black start, it can cause Bolo for a few seconds to lose all of his energy and make him helpless.

Weapons to defeat Bolo in Shadow Fight 3

The best weapon to use in this apk against bolo is shadow Energy


Bolo’s attacking options include Nodachi, which is a katana-shaped weapon and is like a huge sword in his hand. Bolo attacks with Nodachi effortlessly and swings it very well. Despite the fact it takes longer for Bolo to make back attacks with Nodachi, he is always dangerous if you try to block his attacks.


Following all the tips mentioned, like understanding Bolo’s points, when to attack him, and, most importantly, tracking his weak pattern during the fighting, is important. Further avoiding the Nodachi attack used by Bolo can also be countered by attacking Bolo after he uses it is important.


By stopping the cuboid from transforming to rock solid. Once it turns solid, the time will stop, and Bolo will start healing.

Yes, if you didn’t knock out Bolo in this apk first three rounds, then it becomes difficult to defeat Bolo in three of five rounds to win the fight.

You can best attack Bolo at the right time by understanding his health recovery pattern, attack pattern, and weakest moment.

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