how to defeat Wasp in shadow fight 2

How to Defeat Wasp in Shadow Fight 2

Who is Wasp?

Wasp Appearance

Wasp is among the strongest female warlords in shadow fight 2. She has lightning-fast speed due to her thin legs. She also moves very fast. It is difficult to predict her attack. She is present at level 24. You will face Wasp in act four. Her role is the pirate queen in the game.

She uses Wasp’s Naginata to fight her opponents. It is at above level 24. The most destructive attack it is capable of doing is a superclass. It will allow him to gain 14 stars. It has precision enchantment.

How to defeat wasp in shadow fight 2

Among the ranged weapons she uses are sliver shurikens, Assassin’s Daggers, and Shrukiens of Night. All of them are present at levels above 24. They are capable of doing more destructive to less destructive attacks. Both Shurikens have blood rage as the enchantment. Among his magic abilities is dark implosion. This ability has overheat enchantment. It is also present at level 21. Lightning Arrow is also his magic ability. It is present at level 25. It is one of the very dangerous magic in the game. Fire pillar is also his magic ability. It is present at level 27. It has blood rage as an enchantment. She has Flying as one of her special abilities in order to choke his opponents.


Wasp is a female warlord in the game. She has dark green bridal gauntlets. Her gauntlets have yellow lining at the boundary. She also wears a green headband. She has a double bun hairstyle. She has large eyes with invisible pupils inside them. She looks strong physically. She also looks quite dangerous from her face. She has a perfectly fit body. She also wears a sleeveless shirt. Her clothes look like tracksuits.

How to defeat Wasp in shadow fight 2

  1. You should upgrade your weapon above level 3 to do more damage and improve your defense.
  2. You should use light weapons like Kusarigama or Claws to give fast attacks in less time. and avoid Wasp’s attacks.
  1. You should learn Wasp’s attack patterns, as it will help you act more logically and timely.
  2. You should have a variety of short-range weapons, as Wasp is very quick. These weapons would help you there.
  3. You should work on learning more skills as it would help you positively in terms of destruction and defense. Therefore improving your overall capabilities.
  4. You should have exploited Wasp’s weak points. To remain strong throughout the game.
  5. You should have enough skills to stop the attack of Wasp.
  6. You should act patiently throughout the game. Allow your enemies to attack you and then act thoughtfully.
  7. You have to use healing potions manageable as you have to survive longer in the game as compared to other games.

Best Weapons to defeat Wasp

  • You will need Kusarigama with its third upgrade. It is available at level 24. It is perfect for ninja techniques. It is made of sickle and weight.
  • You will need the Crown of Night with its first upgrade. It is staff. Its enchantment is a time bomb.
How to defeat wasp in shadow fight 2
  • You will also need Mantle of Night with its first upgrade. It is at level 24. It is lighter and stronger.
  • You will Needles with a second upgrade. It is among the strongest light-weighted weapons.
  • You will need Dark Blast with its first upgrade. It is at level 19. It is used for ninja fighting techniques.

Wasp bodyguards

Wasp has 5 bodyguards

KrakenHe uses a Two-Handed Sword.
Two-handed swords are available at level 2
Cleaverstrength is Big Swords.
Big Swords are at a level above 15.
Its enchantment is blood rage.
Sharkare strongest with his Krises.
Krises are at level 10
Bosunuses Glaive to fight his opponents
Wasp Bodyguards


You will fight Wasp in Act 3. It will require skills and time management . You will learn it over time. You will have to work on upgrading weapons. You will have to learn Wasp’s attack patterns. You can be successful by focusing on the game’s strategies. You will have to earn enchantment to advance in the Apk by upgrading your resources. Yo will have to act more responsively and actively in order remain in the game. Your encounter with Wasp serves as a crucial learning experience, pushing players to refine their tactics and adapt to the increasingly challenging opponent. Defeating Wasp is not only a testament for you but also a milestone in the continuation of the game.


Wasp is encountered in Act Two, the chapter titled ‘The Old Friend.

Wasp has lightning speed and surprising attack patterns. You will need accurate timing and effective strategies.

Wasp uses Claws, which allows her to provide fast and strong strikes.

You should prepare yourself by using enchantment to upgrade weapons. You should also work on having better skills to defeat Wasp.

Wasp follows the same pattern throughout the game, which is her weakness.

You should use light weapons like Kusarigama. These weapons will allow you to have fast attacks on Wasps without giving them enough time.

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