The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile Apk vs Shadow fight 2 Apk



The story surrounds a dishwasher and his sister, Yuki. They went on a journey in a dystopian world filled with dark, violence, and a theme that portrays violence and is like a line of life and Death Blurs. where as in Shadow Fight 2 Apk, the story revolves around saving the world and its residents from demons from the other side of the gate of shadows



The game main protagonist being, a strong ex-military soldier, has a traumatizing and haunting past as he has wrongfully imprisoned and subjected to every possible torture that made him mentally and physically scared, which forced him to retaliate in all possible ways, even killing for it.


The sister of dishwasher Yuki possesses supernatural abilities. She acts as a living weapon that blends technology and blood, and she plays an important role in both gameplay and the storyline. Despite the story’s theme of blood violence, the positive of the story is that it shows the bond between a sister, and it is a thrilling and suspenseful game where you’ll find the secrets keep changing as the game progresses. It is fascinating to learn about the dishwasher’s dark history and even the background of Yuki.

SF2 Characters

In the Shadow Fight 2 APK, the game features several major opponents. Lynx is one of them, and he wields a claw-like weapon. He plays a role in training the player. The Hermit is another character who provides guidance and martial arts training to new fighters. Butcher is a formidable fighter known for using a heavy hammer to crush his opponents. For those who prefer quick strikes and precise attacks, Wasp is a popular choice. Shogun is a significant character in the game, specializing in the use of a katana and a range of devastating attacks. Lastly, the Widow is known for her precise movement and quick attacks, often leaving opponents with no clear solution.


The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile is a 2D game based on action. In the gameplay, you will face various enemies, each with different attacking abilities and weaknesses that you can observe and defeat. As a beginner, you will face combat encounters, and it sometimes becomes difficult to adapt. Still, the challenge room prepares you well enough against the enemy, and it’s also a decent way of earning rewards and refining your combat techniques. The exciting feature to enjoy in the gameplay is the special abilities of the dishwasher and Yuki. You feel powerful as a player so that you can customize your playstyle against the toughest bosses. When discussing customization, Shadow Fight 2 apk is better because of its wide range of skins, armor and weapons.

Shadow Fight 2 apk, being a 2D combat, has different modes that make it outrank the Dishwasher once more. The story mode has a sequence of stories where the character has to follow the journey and even unveil the dark secrets of shadow energy and defeat various powerful opponents. The other exciting mode is versus mode, in which players can face one player and even the toughest AI bots. As a result of in-app purchases, you get access to in-game currency that can be used to purchase anything within the game.


In The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile has many weapons you can use, such as katanas, swords and chainsaws. Each of the weapons has different damaging powers. There are melee weapons, firearms, and most popular shotguns.

Graphics and Sound

The Graphics of The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile is unique and artistic, blurring dark and revengeful themes. The visuals and character design of the game are realistic because of the sharp contrast and lightning that is intense and atmospheric. As Shadow Fight 2 Apk is also artistic. It is a mix of traditional martial arts and gives an Asian touch. The atmosphere of the shadow fight is more mysterious and dark, and that makes it even more fun to play in The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile; the feeling of urgency and suspensefullness is seen and thus could be with the use of Red, deep black and many vibrant colours. 

One place where Shadow Fight 2 apk outrank The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile is special effects and detailed character animation, like during attacks and power showcase. The particle effect makes the fight more engaging, and you feel like a true martial arts fighter, and the excitement for another battle keeps increasing. Furthermore, the characters are detailed, smooth, and fluid.

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