Ninja Must Die Apk vs Shadow fight 2 Apk


Background Story

The main chaos started 300 years ago with Demon Lord Oni, who turned the beautiful and peaceful land into plain earth by killing innocent people by opening the Racho gate. The interesting thing is two heroes resist the invasion of devils. One of them, named Samurai Diamyo, with the help of other heroes, returned peace and order to their people’s lives by building homes and buildings. They named this land “The land of Sunbreak,” and the other hero decides to disappear in the dark and, by hiding, can protect his country for his whole life.

However, things went bad for the people of a now peaceful country when the leader’s greed for power started exploiting their country, so the hero that disappeared into the dark, also known as ninja descendants, wanted to see their land in good hands. so we are playing as ninjas who not only have to fight the samurai but also fight the one monster that has escaped after 100 years

In Shadow Fight 2 Apk, the story is similar where the gate of Shadow opening causes the demons and dark forces to invade the peaceful land, so the main character, the Shadow, goes on a journey to close the gate. Still, he can only do it if he defeats the powerful demons and evil factions. Firstly, in the journey of making Sensei, his mentor, lost to Sensei in the tournament, where he was there for training against the skilled fighters. Shadow learned how to fight and use weapons and also defeated powerful warriors like Lynx and Hermit. Despite the similar storyline, Shadow Fight 2 takes your warrior one step further to become a complete ninja.

Game Features

Playing with friends

Playing with your friends against the ferocious monster can make the fight less difficult for you. Combining the skills along with your friend, as there would be many ninjas who would be trying to fight the samurai. Where as in Shadow Fight 2, online multiplayer is also available, where you can fight the bosses while making a team


The control of the game is extremely user-friendly, and the beginner doesn’t face difficulty, whereas in Shadow Fight 2 Apk, you require more time to get used to the control. However, you enjoy it more if you know how to use special abilities, use weapons and dodge opponents than you would in Ninja Must Die.


The graphics of Ninja Must Die are like drawing, and it is a blend of vibrant colors, and the details of the gameplay give the feeling of a ninja fighter. As in Shadow Fight 2 Apk, the graphics are exceptional as the character movement is precise and accurate and, most importantly, free. The characters are designed as silhouettes with detailed backgrounds, and the environment is composed of a range of locations such as dojos, temples, and forests.

One more thing that makes Shadow Fight 2 one of the best in the RPG category is the lightning and particle effect. Unlike particle effect, Ninja must die apk does not feel like your every move is an impactful action as it emits a fiery, frozen, and electric effect.ics and controls

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