Shadow Fight 2 VS Mortal Kombat



Mortal Kombat involves the use of punches, kicks and special moves against the opponent where as in shadow fight 2 apk player reaction time and ability to find oppoent weakness are tested. The gameplay of both the games are 2D, but more intense battles would only be experienced in shadow fight 2 apk.

Background Story

The story in Mortal Kombat is based on protecting Earth from other realm’s Invasion. There is something special about Mortal Kombat tournaments, and Their importance comes from the Elder Gods who organized them, the different realms that participate, and the one that wins 10 consecutive tournaments is seen as powerful enough to face other realms. During this gameplay, there is something very interesting, and different Earthrealm conflicts are made more complex by the appearance of other realms, such as the Netherrealm and Edenia.

Whereas in Shadow Fight 2 Apk, the story surrounds our fighter protecting his homeland from enemies, since dark forces occupy their native land and weak people are unable to fight on their own, you have to kick them out as their only protector, protecting six different worlds with the help of weapons and extremely customizable skin worlds that give you a more realistic feeling of being a fighter.

Characters Abilities

Mortal Combat has a variety of characters like Lui Kang, Sub Zero, Raiden, Johnny Cage, etc. One of the interesting characters to play with is Lui Kang and sub-zero because of Lui Kang’s fire-based attacks and martial arts abilities and sub-zero his romantic abilities along with freezing enemies and controlling ice. Other characters can perform various abilities, like Scorpion, known for teleporting, and Raiden, for defending attacks, especially electrical ones.

In Shadow Fight 2, among the challenging opponents are Titans and Shogun. Titan, the power extractor of our fighter, uses our energy to charge himself and uses our player’s weakness to defeat us. Shogun, also known for his combat style, is the gatekeeper who keeps himself ready and disciplined to fight. From our fighter, the shadow is the main skilled fighter, and with him, sensei guides to the difficulties and trains every fighter. The other fighters are hermits, lynx, butter that are also skilled in strength, aggressiveness, and quick striking

Realistic Graphics

Mortal Combat has evolved its graphics from 2D and Hand drawan sprites, characters, and background to 3D in Mortal Combat 4, where the graphics and characters were 3d and the background remained 2d. The major change comes into play with the modern “Mortal Kombat,” where characters, animations, and enemies are detailed and realistic. There were two interesting inclusions in the game: an interactive environment where background elements were utilized by characters, as well as Cinematic Storytelling, where players were treated to a realistic setting
story engagingly.

In Shadow Fight 2, the major theme is silhouette style,
There are dark silhouettes of the characters. Additionally, the slick animation gives you a feeling of being a martial arts player as the actions, special moves, and counterattacks are designed in such a way that gives you a real sense of immersion. Shadow Fight 2 also features improved character design, as well as well-designed weapons, gear, and armors.

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