How to Defeat Titan

Defeating Titan: Ultimate Shadow Fight 2 Strategies Unveiled!

Who is Titan

Titan picture

Once you have surpassed level 50, you become eligible to fight one of the toughest bosses of the game to whom Shadow Energy belongs. When the gate of Shadow gets closed, it would be the first time you have seen him, but at that time, your level would be very low to face him. He is massive in size and is very powerful, with other characters looking almost half to him. and his main power that plays the magic is his mind. When Attacking, his deadly attacks are headbutts and ground stomps, and his defense includes a strong regenerative shield that will shatter your hopes of attacking because its power keeps on refilling.

How Titan looks like?

Titan has a humongous appearance with a tall height, a metal body with gold edges on the outer part of the body structure, and has electric cable from his back attached to his brain. Along with his mind Throw, he uses an extendable Arm as the ranged weapon and a huge sword, “Titan Desolator”.


  • titan makes the maximum attack when you are laying down on the ground where he points his sword forward that you cant even do anything against it
  • titan front attack by mechanical claw can be dodged by moving to other side and by maintaining perfect distance is also useful
defeat titan in shadow fight 2

Titan Tactics:-

The tactic that Titan uses is refilling his attacking power quickly, and that makes each of your attacks blocked by the regenerative shield. Moreover, he controls your mind as soon as the game starts, as predicting your attacks makes him one step ahead of you. Furthermore, your attacks are blocked and made useless, and his normal attack is enough to end you. You can play this game on playstore.

Methods to Defeat Titan in Shadow Fight 2

The following are several tested methods I believe will work for you based on my experience

Defeat titan in shadow fight 3

Method 1:-

Using the correct type of weapon, like short-range weapons, is useful. While being closer to Titan, it becomes easier for you to keep launching attacks on him along with your quick movements, leaving Titan with no chance of attacking you, and for him to reach this point requires a lot of practice and battling strategies for you.

Method 2:-

By understanding Titan’s movement, it becomes much easier for you to defeat him. As Titan’s huge size makes his movements slower than other bosses, it gives you more time to attack Titan after he attacks you as he takes time for his next move. Further dodging Titan is the only effective solution. If you are not in a position to dodge Titan, then blocking is the last option, but most of the time, he still knocks you down as he is skilled in always headbutts and stomping.

Defeat titan in shadow fight 3

Method 3:-

Using a type of enchantment that has the most damage could also be an effective option. The most used in the list are frenzy, poisoning, bleeding, and time bombing, and these would definitely harm him even when he is using a shield. Re-enchanting your go-to weapons along with time bombs works for most people. Further, in order to neutralize the titan attack, Damage Absorption and Regeneration on armor are important; Head hits, being the biggest attacking area, can only be saved by enchanting your helmets. However, bleeding and time bombing may become useless on Titan’s metallic body.

Method 4:-

Avoiding the Titan sword can also be a great tactic to save yourself from the Titan. The maximum damage Titan makes is through his titan sword, where he keeps on swinging it in all directions, like forward and horizontally, and he blends this swinging with his movements, making it difficult to block these movements.

Weapons and armors to defeat Titan


Any weapon used precisely along with 52-level upgradation is enough to defeat Titan like the lynx claw, and the composite Sword is also enough where the lynx claw is more effective than the composite Sword. Moreover, to neutralize the effect of his quickness, pneumo fists claws work well for attacking. However, the perfect combination is armor with enchantment. With its monk helm and its Katar with frenzy, it works well, and it is even unmatchable to other ranged weapons.

What happen after defeating titan ?

After defeating, you are awarded 3 gems, and in the special edition, you are awarded 100 gems; then you come to see Titan lying down on the ground in pain, and light coming out of his metallic body that explodes him into pieces.

The huge explosion destroys and scatters rocks around Shadow’s gate, but Shadow remains unharmed despite the destruction and damage caused by this closing. And at the end, Shadow walks away with his girlfriend. It is easy to defeat Titan in the normal Shadow Fight 2 edition in Eclipse, whereas, in the special edition, there is no Eclipse. However, like other bosses, weapons belong to you once you defeat them, but in the case of Titin, it will not happen in Eclipse.

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