shadow fight 4 chapter 1

Shadow Fight 4 Chapter 1

shadow fight 4 chapter 1

At first, the thing that makes your eyes quickly fall on is iron-clad skin. Shadow Fight 4, chapter 1, is based on Iron Clad.It is also called story mode. Shadow mind prepares a special challenge for us. Our attention quickly turned to Frozen Jungle when we heard his voice during this walkthrough. At first of this game, Shadow Mind also says that today’s night will open the ancient crypt There is a crypt beneath the house that looks like it has been there for a very long time. Jungle is the location of the ancient crypt door in this case. According to April, Iron Clad was roaming in the jungles and found a stone. He sees Energy coming out of that stone. He touched that unique stone that felt cold and became the source of his shadow Energy. When he touches that stone, he utters, “What the hell is this “An angry legion fighter comes to fight, and Iron attacks him.

When faced with an attack from the legion, Iron Clad tells the legion that He is the true getter of this stone as he was the first to see and touch it. The legioner then gets frustrated after hearing this response from Ironclad. Then, their fighting sequence gets started. Iron Clad then defeats 5 Legioners in every round of a fight in chapter 1 of Shadow Fight 4. But suddenly, there comes a twist when the sixth legioner, “Swifter fool “, the strongest of all legioners, steps on the ground. Swifter Fool has unique shadow energy and extra health compared to the other 5 characters. Swifter Fool also tries to threaten Ironclad by saying that defeating 5 of us wouldn’t make much difference to their numbers.

Swifter Fool was confident that he would defeat Iron Clad. Ironclad bravely defeated this sixth more legion and challenged him if any leader could face him. After that, Iron Clad defeated 11 of the more legion, including Swifter Fool. The twelfth person in shadow fight 4 chapter 1 story mode was unique and had a strange fighting style. This person looks exactly like Iron Clad but looks like an evil version of him. Ironclad somewhat becomes frustrated due to his similar look. Evil Ironclad keeps on making comments to Ironclad that “You will soon realize that you are alone and there is only your face at the back of your steel box”. Iron Clad takes these words seriously and finally defeats Evil Iron Clad.

Evil Ironclad says, thank you to our ironclad. The evil one says that his path is temporarily changed, but I will come again in the future. Our ironclad then offers to fight him again to show he is the winner. Then suddenly, evil ironclad mutters some words. Then iron, clad attention was grabbed by the gate that was shivering.

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