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Shadow Fight 4 vs Vampire Survivors

Story Comparison

vampire survivors story

Vampire Survivors story is not as descriptive as Shadow Fight 4 in a way that it keeps in chill mode and continues giving you subtle hints about the story. One similarity you will experience is that evil forces conquered the peaceful land in both games. In the case of Shadow Fight 4, it was ninjas, and in the case of Vampire Survivors, it was nightmarish creatures with dark forces named Bisconte Draculó. The whole story is about your survival on a night when monsters continuously surround and attack you. Whereas in Shadow Fight 4 arena, shadow Mind was the creature upon which the story begins.

With time, you will feel all the characters’ backstories linking to events that led to the nightmarish situation. In short, the whole story of Vampire Survivors creates a picture that a vibrant and happy community has turned to terror, destruction, and pain. You sometimes feel burdened in the story due to survival, dread, and resilience that sometimes change to desperation. Your life becomes easier when your tough night with monsters ends and you see the sun’s light.


Shadow Fight 4 arena story happens after years of its previous game. This time, the land was divided into 3 factions: Legion, dynasty, and heralds. Interestingly, all three factions have different fighting styles, appearances, mentality, skills, and ideologies.
As a player in chapter 1 , you start with training as a new fighter of the legion. You get to train under Titan and learn about all the factions’ conflicts here. When you learn the story of Shadow Mind, you can stay loyal to legions or change factions own will. By choosing the Faction from 3, your next story begins with the story of that Faction You will face unique challenges and fights based on your chosen Faction.

Chance of Getting Bored

The story is different and interesting from Vampire Survivors in that it evolves with Faction, and you get to experience different locations and rivals. In Vampire Survivor, you sometimes get bored once the fight with monsters ends at sunrise.


Graphics Comparison

The Graphics of Vampire Survivors are not as advanced as the graphics of Shadow Fight 4. Minimalist pixel art style graphics are available in Vampire Survivors. This pixel Arts graphics runs smoothly with minimal system requirements. While in shadow fight 4, it’s a boom in graphics quality even if comparing it to previous sequels that were 2d. The 3d graphics bring life to characters, environment, and gameplay. A lot of details are enhanced, such as appearances or facial expressions, weapons, etc, that make you feel the characters are better and more enhanced than in vampire survivors.

Characters Comparisons

Character Comparison

You can choose from various Characters and their special Weapons in Vampire Survivors. So, according to your choice and Fighting style, you can choose any characters, which differ by unique approach towards fighting Monsters. At the start, you have a choice from 3 of the main characters in Vampire Survivors Apk.

1-Imelda Belpaese :-

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Her look is like a grandma, and she is good at making an impact at short Range, which feels great to play with as a beginner.


Pasqualina Image

Being good at defense, she creates a protective layer that repels any enemy coming her way. Her Weapon’s name is Garlic.

3- Antonio Belpaese:-

Antonio Image

Later, when you get in the mood for experimentation, Antonio Belpaese provides you with a quick power attack and a good Range for you as well.

Other Characters are :-


Poe Image


Gennaro Image


Arca Image

While in Shadow Fight 4, the characters are classified according to the Factions.
In legion, you have 3 fighters
Titan:- He is powerful and is the leader of the legion
Ironclad:- He is known for force and resilience
Sarge is an experienced fighter skilled in using firearms and explosives.

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