Shadow Fight 2 Challengers

Mastering Shadow Fight 2 Challengers

Shadow Fight 2 Challengers

Being intrigued by the name of Shadow everywhere because of his skills and fighting style, Chaleneger comes to challenge Shadow for a Fight. Irrespective of the rules of battles, Shadow and the Challenger appear in a single one-on-one tournament. Each fight consisted of 3 rounds, with each round of a maximum of 99 seconds. The fight location is random, and there are no restrictions for you to pick specific equipment.

If you win, you will get the challenger’s weapon same as you get titan’s weapon. But losing will make you spend 3 gems for another fight. But, this time, you should be well prepared and have upgraded weapons and make other customizations.

The Challengers

Each of the six Acts has a challenger. One you would be facing in Interlude and the two in festive special.


Trickster Image

A muscular and skilled martial arts player with Grey hair is a Trickster. He has no control over his actions and is known for his speed, anger, and quick reflexes.
Instead of Spending 3 gems for 10 consecutive fights and, in the 11th, spending 10 more Gems, focus on making precise movements and understanding his attacking Patterns. You would be facing him in level 5, and defeating him will award you with Nanchacku.


  • Nanchacku, Enchanted with overheating, is capable of making 200% more attacks on you.
  • He mainly attacks with nunchaku and mixes his attacks with quick movements.
  • Has Red Doublet as armor
  • Conical Hat as Helm


Hawk Image

You will face him between levels 8 to 11. He is thoughtful of fighting a difficult opponent. Being a cool-headed and respectful character, he prefers a skilled opponent instead of a powerful opponent, and he remains in search of it.

Instead of Spending 3 gems for 10 consecutive fights and, in the 11th, spending 10 more gems, focus on getting more attacks from him using his Naginata because it also decreases his health by 10%.


  • Uses Naginata as a weapon that you could get by defeating him
  • Snake harness is armour
  • Snake Mask is Helm
  • Enchantment is BloodRage


Rose Image

You will be facing the butcher wife or the third challenger between levels 14-17. She, being a skilled martial arts fighter, is capable of attacking you with ranged weapons like Hunter’s knives.

Instead of Spending 3 gems for 10 consecutive fights and, in the 11th, spending 10 more Gems, focus on only dodging her because she has a range of moves and weapon choices like sais, tonfas, nunchucku, and knives. Defeating her will reward you with her Katana.


  • Overheating is her Enchantment
  • Her Kanata can make 200% damage
  • Use Steel Helm
  • Uses Snake Harness as Armor


Fisher Image

The fourth challenger to face when you reach level 20-23 is Fisher. Having experience in fighting pirates, Dark Blast Magic, and using ranged weapons like Weighted Shuriken. Instead of Spending 3 gems for 10 consecutive fights and, in the 11th, spending 10 more Gems, focus on upgrading your weapons. Defeating Him will give you his weapon that is very useful for you later on.


  • Silver Kabuto as Helm
  • Has Shurikens as Ranged weapons
  • Has Wanderers Staff as Weapon
  • Has Radiant Platemail as Armor
  • Has the magic of Dark Blast


Outcast Image

After Level 26, you would be facing the fifth challenger, Outcast. His personality shows that he is a Personality Disorder Patient. He talks about giving knuckles Sandwiches and Head Attacking Kusarigama to the opponent. Instead of Spending 3 gems for 10 consecutive fights and, in the 11th, spending 10 more Gems, focus on upgrading your weapons to max and long-range attacks and more crits against Him.
Winning against him will award you with his Kusarigama.


  • He fights without Helm.
  • His Armor is Glided Platemail.
  • The main weapon is Kasarigama
  • Uses Ranged weapons like Ghostly Kunai
  • Magic power is Lightening Arrow.


Ronin Image

The Sixth Challenger to face is Ronin who wanted to take revenge from Shadow. He is from Act VI. Being a master of martial Arts and good at fighting with his Hands. His Weapon, Ronin Dadao, enchanted with Bloodrage, is capable of attacking you with 200% attacking power. But make him attack you more, so his power also decreases by 10 people with every attack he makes.


  • Fight without Helm.
  • The main weapon is Ronin’s Dadao
  • Fight with Range Weapons like Kunai.
  • Magic Power is Water Ball.
  • His Armor is a Riveted Jacket.


Nova Image

Upon reaching level 40-42 from Act VII, you would be facing Nova. She looks like the devil with white eyes. She silently walks away when you defeat her, and you would get her weapon, Spiny Knuckles. Focus on dodging her. Throwing axes could make you win the battle.

  • Throwing axes is her ranged weapons
  • Snake Harness is her armour
  • Spiny Knuckles is her main weapon
  • Assassin’s Cowl is her Helm
  • Fire Splash is her Magic


Lilith Image

You become eligible for fighting second special Event Halloween challenger Lilith in levels 4-52 in Shadow Fight 2 Ios. Fight with her is the second in dojo after Festivus. Rematch against another requires 3 gems, but here you have to spend 1 Gems. Know more about the Halloween events and Set up here.

Festivus 2014

Festivus Image

The First Special Challenger on Christmas event is Festivus. A Ninja is wearing a Santa Suit with a Gift in one and candy canes in the other. The first fight in Dojo will be with him. Between levels 4-47, you can challenge him. Losing a fight with him requires 3 gems for a rematch until the 11th match will cause you 30 gems. So focus on avoiding his range weapon, “Snowballs,” that he throws at you regularly.

Festivus (2015)

Weapon:- Caramel Shuang Gou
Level Encountered :- 4-52

Shadow Fight 2 Challengers Crushing Tips

  • During Fight with Trickster, avoid catching yourself overheating; otherwise, you are ruled out of the game.
  • Keep examining and tackling the actions of the opponent so that you can understand their weak points.
  • Fighting with Hawk requires spamming of buttons along with regular dodging skills is required.
  • Blend your attacks and defense moves so that the opponent can’t predict you.
  • Avoid Shadow Rush of Rose as it will not give you time to defend her Attack
  • Keep upgrading your weapons, armor, and other equipment to be one step ahead of your opponent.
  • You can win over most challengers if you have a grip over any weapon you have.
  • Don’t hesitate to spend gems on rematch because practice makes you better at fights.
  • As Outcast doesn’t wear Helm, so attacking him on the head could be a game-changer.
  • Individuals tend to underestimate the power of their challengers, leading to losses from the weakest of opponents.
  • Nova can be easily defeated with Whatchamacallit helm and Sunrise armor.
  • Prior to challenging any opponent, it is recommended that you prepare a plan and strategy.
  • Plan your strategy around your player’s best capabilities and keep them in use.
  • Before challengers appear, play more and more survival mode to get more money for upgradation.
  • For Enchanting your weapons, play more and more Eclipse mode to gain Shadow orb.

Fun Fact and Trivia

  • The functioning of all weapons that you get after winning the fight over the challenger is the Same except for the Wanderer’s Staff weapon.
  • Two characters fight are held in Dojo Festivus and Lilith.
  • Nova is the only challenger to have white eyes and has a devil look like other bosses.
  • Simple Enchantments are active on every challenger weapon
  • The chance of getting Platinum coins is only in the fight against Nova.
  • After level 7, Festivus or Lilith will challenge you to a fight.
  • Festivus is a Christmas specail challenger
  • Lilith is a Halloween special Challenger.
  • Special events fight would be the only one that will reward you with Credits


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Lilith PhotoRoom.png PhotoRoom
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Nova removebg preview 1
Ronin removebg preview 1
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Outcast Image

Final Verdict

These 9 challengers are difficult to defeat, but with proper strategy, understanding their attacking patterns, and upgrading your weapons accordingly will work for you. Furthermore, each challenger has a different attacking weapon that could be short-range or long-range, so adjusting your dodging and blending your attacks is important. The strengths and weaknesses of your opponents have been thoroughly discussed, so develop a strategy accordingly and defeat them, obtain their weapon, and celebrate with them.


An internet connection with a stable signal is essential for this apk.


Fighting with Nova is the only way to get those.


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