Shadow Fight 2 All Magic

Shadow Fight 2 All Magic

Shadow Fight 2 All Magic


MAGIC is the most interesting and useful equipment of the five types. The others are still useful but sometimes get boring, like ranged weapons, Helmets, Armor, and Weapons. You can use Magic to make an opponent deal with Damage up to 55. But you should have Full energy for magic implementation. Shadow Fight 2 all magic have been covered in detail so that you can know how to use them and dodge them when someone like Boss uses them against you.

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Shadow fight 2 All magic


Fireball Image
  • Fireball is difficult to dodge by opponents
  • The user forms Fireball by pulling his hands.
  • It is a main attacking option from many bosses like Butcher and Shogun.
  • You can purchase it with Gems.
  • The user accelerates his hand forward, generates and throws Fireball.
  • The enemy faces an attack and a Damage of 45 with it.

Energy Ball

Energy Ball image
  • it is one of the attacking options from bosses like Kali, Ninja and Widow.
  • This ball is full of electrical power and has a harsh sound when attacks make a damage of 45.
  • This energy ball could be avoided by Rolling, jumping, quick movements, and sometimes Ducking.

Dark Blood Magic

Dark blood Magic Image
  • Mystical Chest could get it.
  • This special Weapon is in the Halloween 2017 update.
  • Mystical Chests could be purchased by either 250 Bone or 199 Gems.
  • By defeating special raid boss Whiper, who himself uses it very well, you can easily collect bones.
  • The user pulls their hands backwards and then throws this red sphere full of electrical energy.
  • The user, when they get hit, deals with 45 damage, loses the Ground and gets pushed backwards.
  • It is one of the coolest animations, But sometimes it doesn’t affect the opponent much.

Dark Blast

Dark Blast Image
  • It is the option of attacking that the butcher uses after he loses a round.
  • The user pulls his hands backwards, gathering the black shadow Energy.
  • The user then pushes the hands forward and throws on the opponent’s Head, making him deal 45 Damage.
  • This small explosion from Dark Blast could be dodged by jumping, rolling and Ducking.
  • Many people enchant Dark Blast with a time bomb that makes the opponent go boom…

Shard of Eternal Ice

Shard of Eternal Ice Image
  • One of the sets you could get from the Christmas 2016 Special Set is Shard of Eternal Ice.
  • Freeze a special Raid Boss uses it very well.
  • A spiky ice ball is formed by pulling the user’s bands backwards.
  • Once the user attacks, the opponent deals 45 damage and is pushed backwards by the attack.
  • This seems to be a cool Animation magic attack

Dark Implosion

Dark Implosion Image
  • The First magic that travels with Ground.
  • The user Punches the Ground and produces a file explosion.
  • The Fire explosion travels to the opponent through the Ground.
  • The other way is to flip Back when the fire reaches half way.

Sugar Flash

Sugar Flash Image
  • In 2019, it comes with an upgraded look, and you can get it by defeating Freeze.
  • Sugar Flash is a reward on the occasion of the new year 2018 and 2019.
  • During 2018, you can also get it when you buy Gingerbread Chest.
  • gather 199 Gems by defeating Candy so that you can buy a Gingerbread Chest.
  • After leaning backwards, the player produces a ball of snow.
  • The user is then attacked by leaning forward and receives 45 damage.

Lightening Arrow

Lightening Arrow Image
  • The User leans back and gathers all the electricity and then launches the enemy by bending forward.
  • It is the Magic that you can use again and again after one hit.
  • The opponent deals with a Damage of 45 when they get hit.
  • It can be dodged by quick movements, jumping, dodging, or backflip

Fire Pillar

Fire Pillar Image
  • The opponent never directly gets aimed by it.
  • The User punches on the ground and near the opponent. A huge pillar of fire attacks the opponent, and he gets attacked by 45.

Water Ball

Water Ball Image
  • The User loads a water ball in his hand and then leans forward and throws it at the enemy.
  • This Magic can be easily Dodged by leaning Forward, but if it hits, you will be pushed backward.
  • Avoid running when hot but with a water ball because the chances of Getting Hit increase.
  • Random rolling is not useful because the water ball has a larger hit Box.


Asteroid Image
  • It has the most unique animations from other Magic.
  • The attack shows that some other power is throwing Magic from the Sky.
  • The User lifts hands in the air and directs them to the ground, and after that, asteroids fall on the enemy
  • When a player gets hit by a water ball, he deals with 45 damage.
  • These Asteroids could be dodged easily because the User has to precisely launch it onto you.
  • The smaller ones make Damage of 15 and the larger one makes Damage of 30
  • It is one of the few Magic that, when attacked precisely, makes the enemy fly into the air due to power.

Force Wave

force Wave Image
  • One of the first Magic and intruded and first priority weapons by Lynx in Gate of Shadows.
  • In general, enemies don’t use it much.
  • If both you and the enemy throw Magic and you throw a Force wave, then your impact will reach the enemy first.
  • It can be dodged by immediately rolling Forward as the User launches it.


Fire Splash Image
  • Having similar properties to Dark Implosion. The character puts his hands on the Ground, which creates a wave of fire that reaches the enemy.
  • The Fire then travels to the player’s body through the Ground and does the Damage of 45.
  • It can make the Opponent’s attack useless if you use it as soon as the Opponent attacks you.
  • In addition to jumping at the right time when attacked, you can also dodge by moving quickly.

Force Ray

Force Ray Image
  • It is one of the attacking options in 2016 and 2018 Raid-Boss Morgana.
  • The User raises his one hand by touching his elbow to his knee
  • Soon After, Purple Energy falls from the horizon, which makes Damage 45 to the Opponent.
  • YOu can dodge Force Ray by making a front flip in the Air.
  • It is a bit Time time-consuming magic, but it is worthwhile.

Toxic Cloud

Toxic Cloud Image
  • It is dangerous and easy to execute Magic.
  • The User puts weapons on the back and throws clouds of Green Toxic fumes on the enemy
  • This makes an attack of 45 on the opponents, who cough and are unable to attack as a result.

Wrath of Flame

Wrath of Flame Image
  • By using this, the User enters the unbreakable State because all attacks of the enemy become useless when you enter this State.
  • The User floats in the Air and produces a Fire circle in all directions around him.
  • It can be dodged by immediately rolling backward as the User gets up in the Sky.
  • It is one of the attacking options May Have.

Torturer’s Rage

Torturer's Rage Image
  • The User Jumps as if he is about to make an attack, and a sawmill rolls horizontally on the Ground, causing a damage of 95 to the Opponent
  • The User has multiple attacks from this Magic, and it is the most destructive Magic.
  • It comes with medium enchantment, but Life Steal will destroy your Opponent.
  • It can be dodged by jumping as soon life steal reaches you.

Shadow Fight 2 All Magic Set

Monks Amulet

Monk's Amulet Image
  • It is obtained From Raid Chest.
  • To get Tempest Rage, you must have Magic Amulet and other equipment for the Monk Set.
  • The User raises both hands upwards, and Brown colored roots tighten the legs of the Opponent.
  • The Opponent can’t move for some time and deals with a huge Damage of 15.
  • Using Magic effectively requires accurate trapping and making the Opponent unable to attack.

Sentinel’s Spirit

Sentinel's Spirit Image
  • It is a Magic Amulet with a similar animation to Toxic Cloud from Sentinel Set.
  • The User, when using this Magic, puts his weapon on his back and raises both hands upwards.
  • The horrible roar followed by a Dragon shaped Cloud attacking the Opponent and making an attack of 45.
  • The chance of getting hit by the Opponent is maximum because, after 2 seconds of Magic, the User can’t perform any action.
  • You can dodge the dragon by forward rolling and long steps
  • As compared to other Magic, this seems useless as not many fighters in this game use it.

Sloe Thorn

Sloe thorn Image
  • It is a special Halloween event Magic that you can get with the battle pass.
  • The User throws a dark air wave that travels horizontally and does a Damage of 45.
  • This Magic can be dodged By ducking, jumping, and even rolling immediately.

Death Grip

Death Grip image
  • It is a special reward for the New Year 2022 event
  • It is similar to Monk Amulet in this User raises his hand from down to up and brown colored roots tighten the legs of the Opponent.
  • The User Has to deal with a Damage of 45 and becomes unable to move.


Kundalini image
  • It is Magic from the Skanda Set that you get by Battle Pass.
  • Characters punch in the Air toward the Opponent, and an airwave is directed toward the enemy.
  • The wave hits at high speed and makes the Opponent deal with 45 damage.
  • It can be dodged by jumping, rolling, or Ducking.

Eye of the Storm

Eye of the Storm Image
  • This Magic is from Creator of the Wind Set and comes on a special Event of American Independence Day 2022.
  • The User throws a snowball towards the Opponent by first loading it by leaning backward.
  • When the attack was made, the Opponent stepped a few steps back and dealt with the Damage of 55.
  • It is similar to sugar flash magic and makes the highest attack in the game.

Smoke and mirrors

Smoke and Mirrors Image
  • For Halloween Event 2022, a magical amulet was released from the director set.
  • The User hits a punch on the Ground that produces fire on the Ground and travels to the Opponent.
  • Fire travels to the Opponent’s body, and when hit, it Deals Damage of 45.
  • The Magic can be dodged by jumping as soon fire reaches you.


Continuum Image
  • It is a special Magic from Chronous Set that arrived at the New Year event 2023.
  • The User throws a spiky ice ball by leaning forward toward the Opponent.
  • The Opponent gets a few steps back when hit and Deals with a Damage of 45.

Quantum Leap

Quantum Leap Image
  • Quantum Leap is a special Magic obtained by buying a Neo-Wanderer Set.
  • The very few Magic in which players make brust with legs.
  • It has the least impact when the Opponent gets hits because of a Bug.
  • The Magic requires precision and timing perfectly because it is short range.

Special Magic in Shadow Fight 2

Shard of Eternal Ice

Shard of Eternal Ice Image
  • It is one of the Magic From Christmas 2016 Special Chest.
  • It is one of the attacking Options for Freeze.
  • The User loads the spiky ice ball by bending backward.
  • Then Throws Towards the Opponent and he steps Backward when attacked and deals with Damage of 45.
  • It can be dodged by jumping, ducking, and Rolling.

Dark Blood Magic

Dark blood Magic Image
  • It is a Halloween special 2017 magic amulet.
  • The User takes hands from behind and throws a red sphere that travels horizontally with a pitched sound to the opponent
  • The opponent gets a few steps back when attacked and deals with 45 Damage
  • The attacks are not very strong, but the animation is cool.

Sugar Flash

Sugar Flash Image
  • A magic Amulet from the 2018 and 2019 Events.
  • The user bends backwards, forming a sphere of snowball in his hands.
  • The user bends forward and throws the ball at the enemy, who, when hit, moves backwards and deals with damage of 45.

Prisoned Blizzard

Prisoned Blizzard Image
  • New year 2021 special magic Obtained by defeating Candy.
  • The user puts his weapon on the back and raises both hands upward.
  • A cloud of fumes surrounds the opponent’s head and makes him cough and lose his attack.
  • These fumes that attacked 45 can be dodged by attacking the enemy quickly or by rolling and going a long step forward.

Spirits’ Wrath

Spirit Wrath Image
  • This is an Independence Day special Magic amulet.
  • The chance of getting it increases if you defeat Adanti.
  • The user punches on the ground, and spirit fire forms from the ground below the opponent.
  • The Opponent, when hit by this magic, deals with damage with damage and falls badly on the ground.

Tamer of the Elements

Tamer of the Elements Image
  • Being a magic from Chinese New Year 2022 is full of cool animations
  • The user leans forward and throws a water ball horizontally at the Player.
  • The enemy then gets hit, knocked back, and deals with damage of 50.
  • Like a Water ball, it is difficult to dodge even if you roll because it has a Larger hit Box

Inmate’s Shackles

  • This comes at the 10th Anniversary of this game, and the Butcher uses it too often.
  • The user punches the ground making the ground shiver.
  • This magic makes a damage of 45 to the opponent, and he falls to the ground.
  • It can dodged by jumping at the exact time when the user punches the ground.

Isotope Reactor

Isotope Reactor Image
  • In this magic, the user raises one hand upward and makes an electric wave immerge from the ground, attacking the opponent.

Cold Fusion

Cold Fusion Image
  • It is Exclusive Magic From the new year 2024.
  • The user flies in the air, forming a huge blue Fire Aura
  • This makes the user unbreakable when he gets up in the sky, and the fires aura, causing damage of 45 to the opponent.


Torturer’s Rage has a maximum Damage of 90 when used in a closed Range.

Monks Amulet makes a damage of 15 to the opponent

Special Edition

Torturer range

It is available in the next sequel of this game.

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