How to defeat lynx in shadow fight 2

Victory Tactics Against Lynx: Shadow Fight 2’s Most Agile Foe

Lynx Introduction

The first of the three fights with Lynx in the gate of Shadows is the toughest one, and newbies would always have to put in some extra effort along with techniques and guides that are mentioned below. The main reason for defeat is more availability of weapons to Lynx, giving him an edge over you as you would be new to the game. you would have tried tanged weapons that were previously effective on other demons but Lynx hidden abilities and special tricks would always left you with defeat, and you would become frustrated

Lynx Appearance

Lynx Appearnace

Lynx looks like a fierce ninja with his body fully covered with a black suit that you can only see his eyes, and above the suit, he wears a black jacket that has golden metal edges. It appears that he has three swords in each hand as armor in his hands. Along with being the first demon and leader of “The Order” and having five bodyguards, he has a time bomb enchantment that no other demon has. You can play this game on playstore

Techniques and equipment to beat Lynx

Step 1:- Along with Dagger, buy Blood Reaper, as despite causing you real money, it will also help you later in the game

Step 2:- Keep yourself in movement like jumping, crouching, backwards and rolling forward so that you can dodge Lynx smoke bomb and shuriken as well.

How to defeat lynx in shadow fight 2

Step 3:- You should be able to make Lynx invisibility effect by doing a super slash so that you can find where he uses double swiping will end his invisibility, and then you can use Dagger and quick movements to end him

Step 4:- Going defensive sometimes is the key to defeating Lynx, like waiting for his move and then attacking. Below level 7, you should follow the survival approach.

how to defeat lynx in shadow fight 2

Step5:- You could also be quick and aggressive if you have played aggressively, which is the same approach Lynx takes Attacking lynx consistently and not letting it attack you, and if it presents you with a time bomb, you need to avoid it by running away at all costs.

How to defeat lynx in shadow fight 2


To defeat Lynx you have to understand his strategy of fighting. At first, he will go easy on you by using only melee attacks on you, and before you make your fighting strategy, he will start using range weapons after the first round. In the first round keeps on his basic attacks, such as kicks, swipes, and claws. Once he gets familiar with your move, he starts using bomb blasts and his special perk of attacking you by getting invisible .whenever he goes invisible, try to wait for him to fall and keep your weapon and simple kick and punches attack ready for him and always stay as close as possible so you can make an impactful and quick attack on him.



One of the deadliest moves is his ability to claw slash and double claw double slash, and when he combines it with high, low, double, single, and super slash, he totally becomes unpredictable. When Lynx jumps on you with his swinging claw in the blink of an eye, that is confirmed that he is going to use a super slash that will cause the maximum damage to you. Further, the melee weapons and the special horse kick that he uses to push the opponent away will end your power.

Magic power

The special magic power is that he launches airwaves on an enemy that travels horizontally and makes your power 45 less voucher to. By dodging, jumping, rolling, or otherwise getting out of the way of Lynx force airwave, you can avoid the magic power. Furthermore, you can avoid the magic power by moving quickly and consistently.

Equipments used by Lynx

steel clawpoisoning enchantment
shurikenssmoke bombs
kunaistime bomb

Guide to defeat Lynx in Shadow Fight 2

There are several tips that will surely help to defeat Lynx in Shadow Fight 2.

Dealing with Slash:-

Blocking his strike and not moving at all so it would make his super slash useless, and then when he makes use of ranged weapons, and you have to dodge what he throws at you, and the best way is to duck and roll.

Dealing with Invisibility:-

He uses two methods to get invisible: either pushing you away with a horse kick or using a smoke bomb. When he gets invisible, wait for him to fall and be ready to attack with the blend of kicks and weapons and even slashes or in
In some cases, leg sweeps and special attacks make him unable to use a cloaking spell. Further, keep yourself as close as possible to him so that you can make quick and impactful attacks and turn off his invisibility power.

Dealing with Lynx Ranged weapons and attacks:-

Using Dagger properly, as mentioned, will help you defeat Lynx and make his attack useless.

  • Daggers Spinning Slash can easily done by stepping back and delivering a punch.
  • Daggers Slash can easily done by Punch
  • Sweeps can be done by bending down, followed by 2 consecutive sweeps
  • Daggers Super Slash by going forward, followed by consecutive Slash
  • Daggers strong Slash by going forward, and Slash
  • Dagger Double Slash by 2 punches


Defeating Lynx would be a piece of cake if you followed the techniques and guides for it and practiced using the recommended weapons will also be helpful even to defeat other opponents


you then have to face Hermit


yes, it is possible, but being quick and laughing non-stop kicks and sweeps

Yes, if you try low attacks that are long and medium, like sweeps and Slash.

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