How These Tips for Shadow Fight 2 Guarantee Your Victory


Enhance your gaming experience, and to have the best from the game requires managing your coin and gems for enchantment skin etc. But understanding the correct time to buy them is important. This article will highlight tips for Shadow Fight 2 that will help to gain maximum coins and also highlight the difficulty that you would be facing in each Level.

Participating in Duels

If you want to take part in less difficult fights but still want to earn money and gems, then duel mode is best. Here, you will face a random opponent. You can play duel mode every 4 hours with equipment that you have no control over. So this is a chance to get easy money.


Playing Tournaments and Modes

Playing a series of increasing difficulty 24 battles is the best way to gain experience and earn coins. In the last match of the tournament, you will be awarded Gems.

Campaign Mode

The campaign is easier but can sometimes be more rewarding in terms of coins and XP. Before fighting a boss, you have to fight with his bodyguards. Suppose you are spending gems in order to recover your energy, upgrade weapons, or even buy enchantments. You are doing absolutely wrong. Because all this can be bought with a coin at some time, so be patient and work hard on earning more and more coins.


Furthermore, by the end of the game, you have to defeat the toughest boss, Titan, so you need the best weapon, like a composite sword, so you would need gems. Further, making purchases of gems or weapons by just seeing their enchanted feature also makes you lose in front of the final boss.

Understanding Moves

Understanding the moves of your opponent is important as you are playing against an AI model. You can still understand their fighting Pattern. The AI bot can keep making kicks or punches in a sequence, so make your attack accordingly. On the other hand, making your move predictable to AI bots can also cause you to lose the battle. So, Keep changing your strategies for the battles in this Apk.

Skill tree guide

You can improve your playing style by using skill trees. Using the staircase icon from the player menu, you can access the skill tree. Here, skills are mentioned as perks and have a certain percentage that means the attacking power. E.g. having a cobra assures the deduction of 10 percent of the health of your opponent.


Still, the chances of this happening is 40 percent in the first 3 seconds of the fight. Critical hits make an impact for about 5 seconds if you are in Avenger 1. Now, it is up to you to make an impact at the start by reducing the opponent’s health or making an impact later with Critical hits, Cobra attacks, etc.

How to Avoid Attacks

Attacking your opponent without a plan or sense of weapon will eventually cause you to lose. Because your health bar will decrease in some time, leaving you with no attacking option, and then the opponent will dominate you. So, Avoid being just a button masher.

Dealing with long ranged one

Dealing with long-range weapons is only possible if you keep yourself as close as possible. Make use of any weapon with a bit of upgradation and use it precisely.

Dealing with short-range

Tips for shadow Fight 2

Being Quick enough not to give a chance to the opponent to use the weapon on you. You can mix jump and then frequently kick the opponent.


Pressing the button away from the opponent will create distance between you and him, and his attack will be dodged. Many time rolls, flips, and jumps also work well for dodging.

Using Different Weapons

Using Different weapons should be on the base of battle difficulty.

Normal Difficulty matchHard Difficulty Match
Armor with frenzyLife steal enchantment weapon
helmet with frenzy.Armor with Damage return
weapons with frenzyHelm with regeneration
Weapon with bomb enchantmentDate
Weapon based on difficulty

Fighting first enemy

Fighting Lynx, your first boss, is the toughest if you have no experience in fighting. Instead of 3 rounds, there are 5 long rounds in boss battles. You have to come with your best weapons here and be enchanted and upgraded to its fullest. Beating these bosses is a great chance of gaining their weapons. Like in the case of Lynx, you would be getting Lynx claws if you managed to defeat Lynx in eclipse mode. Further, the award would be their seals, gems, coins, and new and unique weapons.

Utilizing practice mode

Still, the least interesting option opened by tapping the dojo-like icon in the main menu “The practice” icon. It is important to test your character range, movement, and fighting pattern. Moreover, in Practice mode, you can mostly test your new weapons openly without any battle pressure. New character’s moves and special abilities could also be mastered in practice mode.

Level Guide

Level 38-43

  • Playing more and more survival mode so that you can upgrade your weapons to the fullest and, at last, get into the gate of shadows
  • The best time to get the interlude is on levels 38-43
  • Playing more and more tournaments and survival mode will give you more money that you can spend on your weapon upgrade. Then, the Weapon will be used to fight against bosses.
  • Make sure to make these upgrades before level 43 because, after that, gems will become useless to be kept saved
  • At the end of 43, make sure to end shogun in a good way

Level 45-48

  • Fight any of the remaining challenges in Stone Grove.
  • You can defeat Shroud here in your second attempt since losing to Shroud at first is normal.

Level 50-52

  • This is the time to upgrade your weapons
  • You have to deal with 5 Titan bodyguards and then can face Titan and get his Weapon.

Level 52

  • Replacing the demon to get their special Weapon is not useful.
  • Ascension mode shouldn’t be played before level 52 because getting a monk set will not be beneficial at this stage.
  • Eclipse mode could only be achieved before level 52, so finish all survival matches in eclipse

When to Buy a New Weapon

You should make use of your current Weapon as much as you can. Buying new weapons is not good if you are currently winning battles with the old ones. But your current Weapon is fully upgraded, and you are still losing fights, so here, search for a better option. If you have one, then move to the new Weapon.


If you have reached the hard phase of play, like fighting with bosses, and you feel your weapons are weak, then buy a new weapon along with good armor because defense is equally important. Buy the Weapon so that you can upgrade more.

Dealing with final Boss

Dealing with Titan requires a few attempts of fighting. Upgrading your weapons to the maximum level should be done once you have reached level 52.

The thing to check before getting into battle with the final Boss

  • Use fully upgraded and enchanted boss Weapons
  • If you don’t have a boss weapon, then use a fully upgraded Monk Set.
  • Blood Reaper is usually recommended as it is effective against bosses.
  • If you don’t have any of the above two, then try different enchantments

Standing Close

Standing close to your opponent makes opponent attacks more impactful on you. Further, you have less time to counter and defend an attacks from the opponent. The opponent has an easy time attacking you because of this. Moreover, standing close could be beneficial for you as you can easily attack by throwing kicks or punches. A punch should be stepped back at the perfect time, and being far opens up more options for attacking and defending.

Final Verdict on Tips for Shadow Fight 2

By following all the tips, you can take full advantage of each level. The above tips for Shadow Fight 2 covers everything that you need, from weapons usage to the right time for an upgrade and even the best one against the toughest opponent. Furthermore, when and how to earn coins and gems is important, as well as how to spend them at the right time on the right things. Mistakes while fighting with the wrong weapon can be disastrous.


It is possible to learn new skills in the option that is available by clicking the roundhouse kick option at the bottom

The maximum level is 52

Fire-based magic is the best one, as by using this, you can attack by throwing fireballs.

Playing more and more survival and tournaments will give you coins.
You can also buy coins in exchange for real money

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