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Shadow Slayer: Demon Hunter Vs Shadow Fight 4

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The story of both games is somewhat similar. In Shadow Slayer: Demon Hunter, there are tiny human beings living in a land of peace named Foliga. Their happy life was disturbed by evil dark forces from hell. Their land is no more than a land of darkness where the echo of screams surrounds you. This game offers you an overall package of joy. If you love finding things and want to defeat epic bosses and monsters, then this RPG is for you. Furthermore, along with a hack and slash fighting style, you can equip yourself with a variety of weapons and support others to win against the dark forces. In Shadow Fight 4, there comes a similar story where the land was also conquered by the dark forces and shadow has to save the weak people .

Offline Mode

The availability of full-fledged features offline gives this game an edge over Shadow Fight 4 where all the features are not available offline. You can enjoy playing epic battles with the ease of sitting on your sofas and playing against the hard bosses.


Shadow Fight 4 has a variety of locations for you to play in. It is impossible for you to get bored in Legion Capital, Herald City, The Rift, Void Room, Bamboo Forest, Ancient Temple.


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Shadow Slayer: Demon Hunter has many characters like Mirianne, Leonard, Althea, and many more. Each character has unique power and has various skins other than the default one. Different skins have different armor and change the overall look of your fighter. The top ones to play with are Nakime, Hantengu, Tomioko, Rengoku, Zenitsu, Muichiro, Obanai, Akaza, Sanemi, Gyomei, Douma, Kokushibo, Muzan, Tanjiro, Yorichi. There are 13 best characters that you can play with. You can get these characters by either winning battles in arenas or getting distinct color cards that could be purple, yellow, or blue. Whereas in Shadow Fight 4, the thing that makes a real difference is character animation and customization that literally makes you feel like you are playing with real Ninjas. Character Celebrations at the end are also more enjoyable than in Shadow Slayer: Demon Hunter



In the game Shadow Slayer: Demon Hunter, players can perform actions and special abilities while airborne. Furthermore, during fights, actions are blended with cinematic visuals that sometimes make battles less tedious and require less effort for attacks. The special abilities also work well when timed correctly against opponents. One of the most enjoyable experiences is using the Issembert equipment effect, which becomes even more enjoyable when paired with Leonard.


This game is perfect for you if you love finding things and solving mysteries. Valuable treasures require locating them, and you need hidden object skills to uncover them.


There are three modes in shadow Fight 4

VS Friend

This is the battle that allows you to customize every battle according to your mood and preferences.

Among the 5 gameplay rules, you can choose 1.

  • You can choose the location that you like playing in.
  • Select the type of round you want to play.
  • Select the time length you want to play for.

Training Mode

The best pre-fighting tactic is training against the opponent you find difficult to play against. You can:

  • Choose which AI bot you want to challenge.
  • Pick a location for fighting.
  • Select the level of difficulty.

The interesting thing is the 2 natures of the bots:

1- Blocking: where all of your moves will be blocked with no other actions taken.
2- Passive: The bot will take all of your attacks without blocking.

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