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Shadow Fight 3 APK 1.36.2: unlimited everything and max level 2024

shadow fight 3 mod apk

Shadow fight 3 Apk

  • 1.36.2

Additional Information

Rating3.2 (14989 Reviews)
RequiresAndroid 5.0+
Size183.7 Mb
Last Update2 days
Rated for12+ Years

Highlighted Features

  • Free Fight Pass
  • unlimited everything and max level 99
  • unlimited money and gems
  • Freeze enemy
  • killer version
  • Range attack
  • Special Menu
  • Weak Enemy
  • Range Attacks
  • No Ads
  • free purchase
  • One Hit Kill
  • offline Mode
  • Magic unlocked
  • menu
  • shadow pass

Features of Shadow fight 3 Apk

Unlimited Everything

As the original version is from PlayStore, it does have enough money initially to enjoy every possible perk of this game, so Shadow fight 3 Apk allows you to have almost unlimited everything and max level 2024 for you. However, you still have to buy many through unlimited money and gems.

Freeze Enemy

An interesting feature in Shadow fight 3 Apk that you can freeze the enemy while the enemy is in the air during jumping, but at the same time, you can also get frozen if you are in a jump and the enemy attacks you, so make sure you activate and use this special edition Apk carefully.

Max Level 99

Waiting for the experience of the maximum level and the curiosity to know and feel what will happen and how the weapons and demons will look like, so you can still enjoy the perks of the maximum level in this updated version of Apk by level 52 max unlimited money

Unlimited money and gems

In this special edition, the ability to buy the best weapons, skins, armor, and character customization requires a lost of money, so with unlimited money and unlimited gems, you can do all in this latest version 2024

Ad-free gaming

After every mission, upgrade, and upgrading weapons, you get interrupted and frustrated with ad popups, but now, in this special edition, you do not have to worry about any ad and can enjoy everything with no ads

Shadow Fight 3 Apk Features

If you are looking for the perfect blend of action and ninja with all desired features like survival mode, fierce battle, 1v1 battles, and many more, then Shadow Fight 3 is the best choice. This latest version 2024 collects Phenomenal Popularity among the other RGB games due to its Stunning Graphics Upgrade as 3D graphics were introduced, unique weapons, more customizability of warriors, better location, and exciting and challenging PCR battles make it different from SF 2. This game is considered the best one so far from Nekki in the Shadow Fight series because of its enhanced features like more characters, bosses, challenging missions, interesting gaming plots, and the option to create your own heroes as well.


Three factions, legion, heralds, and Dynasty, fought with each other for a long time to get a shadow spear that would improve their power. All three have different fighting styles and living standards. In the beginning, your player would be trained by Sarge and Gizmo. You have to choose a weapon based on your interest, style, and weapon from three of Dynasty. Your goal is to defeat the energy misused by some factions and restore balance to the world by defeating the gates of shadow energy.

The skills of all three factions are mentioned below so that you can choose easily.

Legion Fighter – Fighter wants to eliminate the root of shadow energy, based on the ability of using weapons like swords and axes

Dynasty Fighter – Their fighting style relies heavily on opponent weaknesses, and by use of quick movements, combos, and calculated strikes, they end the opponent

Heralds Fighter – Their Fighting Style and mysterious as they make use of every possible skill, like destructive attacks, and martial art techniques and they are very skilled in utilizing the energy of shadows

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Attend In-Game Events

Besides gaining 100 point after every battle win, players can play events to gain bonus rewards. Events comprises of Limited time challenges, bonus xp daily tasks and community challenges. Mostly, people miss this chance to gain bonus rewards because the didn’t open the game on a daily basis


If someone gets bored of following a storyline for a long time, then the perfect refreshment could be these events. It’s not only refreshing but an opportunity to unlock new heroes, fighting skills, weapons, and playing environment.

Keep Hero Updated

Player with your hero allows to identify the main areas where your HERO need customization and more practice e.g. Fighting abilities

To take the biggest opponent possible, the primary strategy could be daily practice and improving the action timing to become an impressive fighter.

Next-Gen Image System

Previous versions of this game mainly focused on fighting with fists and combos, but in this latest version 1.8.2, special abilities like freezing the enemy and enemy disarmed can change the way of playing this Apk.

With the help of extraordinary power and unblockable attacks, every battle will give you more thrills. The game has an Action-Packed Story that keeps on unfolding different challenges and hidden secrets about the shadow world for you as it progresses.

Top notch Weapons

Based on player interest and fighting style, the player can choose different weapons and armor to enhance the fighting skills that would help them to defeat the shadows in battles


As the only difference between you and your opponent is weapons, so the wise choice of weapons and maximum upgradation of Weapons at right time in battle along with winning strategy can make you unbeatable.

Additional app Features

Limitless Adventure Awaits

if you loves exploring places like ancient buildings then this game provides you a list of new adventures in form of ancient buildings, missions, weapons, martial arts etc.

Challenges from Bosses

Once you pass a few levels, a new boss with special powers keeps on emerging, so you won’t get bored of defeating weak enemies of the same skillset. By the end, you’d become someone who knows how to deal with every boss, and each boss demands a different game plan, weapons, and power, so you’d know what to do right away when the fight starts.

Captivating 3D Animations

You’ll experience beautiful environments, unique weapons graphics, and thrilling battle fights when you play this version of the game with stunning 3D graphics.

Thrilling Multiplayer Battles

Competing in tournaments along with your friends online helps you to defeat the strogestest possible foes effortlessly. You get a more realistic feeling and a great deal of excitement when playing against real players

Accumulate Strong Gear

The outcome of a battle is directly related to your gear, like weapons. So, besides focusing on only fighting skills upgrading weapons regularly and utilizing them accordingly makes you a winner.

Mesmerizing Audio Experience

The overall gaming environment is enhanced with an excellent combination of sounds in shadow fight 3 Apk. It has become more enjoyable because of the transition from intense and suspenseful music on the battlefield to soft music before the game begins.

Innovative Titan Mode Fighting

Titan is the most potent antagonist in shadow fight 3 apk, which appears when the gate of Shadows is closed. As he is tall, overloaded with armour, and has powerful weapons, he has a ferocious appearance, so if you want to defeat him, you must have experience in planning ahead by choosing the exemplary character and fully upgrading weapons and armour.

How to Play

Playing combat games requires prior knowledge to put into action. Still, at the same time, the learning curve is more. This version is full of excitement and thrills. If you played its latest version, you would be facing difficulty in attacking and defending. Hence, the good way is to watch as many videos as possible and train before every fight.

Tips for shadow fight 3

  • The proper use of the cursor will make you attack with hand or foot with full strength and will cause maximum destruction to the enemy.
  • Without a plan for attack, you will lose your power very quickly, and if you are running without a plan, you may be able to charge your opponent with a jumping kick as a backup.
  • By using the cursor properly, you can attack with full strength and destroy the enemy to the maximum extent possible.
  • Being as close to the enemy will make you attack the enemy more quickly, and special attacks will be successful, but avoiding attack back from enemy is what makes you a good fighter.
  • You will be one step ahead of your opponent if you use the right kind of weapons based on character skills and the battle field.
  • Dont spend gems at the start until you understand the game completely
  • To gain more and more experience participate in at least 10 duels and get to experience fighting in every faction

Pros & Cons

  • Gameplay – It allows ad-free gaming, which makes your experience worth the time given because of improved features.
  • Story – It keeps the user hooked and full of suspense, and user always feels ready to fight with the enemy.
  • Skill-Driven Battles – From among the different character, weapons and armors you have to select according to the enemy and battlefield .
  • Unlimited Everything and max level 52-The latest version of shadow fight 3 Apk gives you unlimited money, all weapons unlocked, and even unlimited health benefits, enabling you to compete and win effortlessly.
  • Mastering Difficult Duels – When you are on a higher level defeating powerful enemies is even more complex and sometimes becomes impossible so there is a chance that you get stuck on one level for sometime
  • Frustrating Joystick Experience – Character getting stuck and delay in weapon aiming is some issues that people complain about when playing with the virtual joystick

Steps to Get and Install Latest Version

To Get shadow fight 3 free from

First Enable Apps from “Unknown sources”

1-From top click on Get button
2-Save file in easily accessible storage location
3-Click on Get file to start installation
4- Enjoy unlimited everything and max level.

Steps guide to download


Are you ready to play the most thrilling martial arts game of shadows? Click the get button above to get the latest version of shadow fight 3 apk menu to unlock unlimited and exciting features like unlimited everything, unlimited money, max level 99, ad-free gaming experience, and more.

get Shadow Fight 3 APK Titan – Unlimited everything And Max Level


Bosses could easily be defeated by correct use of armors, weapons and planning your moves according to weak areas of the fight of your opponent’s boss

Unlimited money and max level 52 is the main feature that every shadow fight Apk gamer dreamed of at the start of the game, so in this modified version, it is available. These are the main features in 2023.

When you practice with different weapons and martial arts techniques in training mode before every fight, you can make yourself unbeatable

You can be a pro if you play 10 duels everyday

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