One Piece Fighting Path Apk Vs Shadow Fight 3 Apk


Experiencing adventures and real-time battles One Piece Fighting Path is one of the best games in the roleplaying category. The game developed by Developer Nuverse is full of action and has engaging 3D Battles. Most characters are from one piece, like Luffy, Zoro, and Nami, and you can do any of these. Still, at the start, you would only be
controlling Monkey D. Luffy and sailing from one island to another. During this, you would be facing challenging enemies. There would be opponents all around you as you battle in an Arena using a turn-based combat style. You can access the game from playstore

Background Story


The storyline of this video game is same as original story of One piece, you would be controlling Monkey D.Luffy who is a character that is on his way to continue his dream of becoming pirate king and he leaves his village for this. The game being based on one piece world where most of the missions are on boat or foot and you have to collect certain items from ground that is needed for your upcoming missions.

Gameplay and Graphics

The Gameplay of the piece fighting path is straightforward to learn as the basic movements in all directions are done by the joystick on the left, and action and special attacks are performed by buttons on the right. The Game has 19 exciting
locations and 14 story arcs. The 3d scenes are designed as if the camera moves freely with the character. The selection of players is done by rock-paper-scissors so that it’s easy to check which player has more power than the other. The Gameplay is full of action and adventure, and it feels like the world of Luffy and Co. is in your hands.


In Shadow Fight 3 APk, the Graphics are the 3D style that feels like the Characters, environment, gameplay, and special attacks are very realistic. Each Character has different skins, armor, and special attacks, which are visually distinct.
The actions during the fight, like kicks, punches, and defending, are animated to feel realistic, fluid, and very smooth while in execution. Moreover, special attacks make it way better than one-piece fighting Path Apk because every special attack blends well with the background environment like ancient temples, forest, arenas, etc and special attacks are followed by lighting and shadow effects that make it aesthetically more appealing

Exciting Story Arcs to Play :-

  • Romance Dawn Arc
  • Orange Town Arc
  • Reverse Mountain Arc
  • Baratie Arc
  • Syrup Village Arc
  • jaya Arc
  • long Park Arc
  • Loguetown Arc

Characters :-

The Are Number of Characters in one piece fighting path but the two that everyone love playing with are :-
Monkey D. Luffy, also known as Straw Hat, and his body has turned to rubber since he was 7. Luffy is a powerful character as he has fought many powerful pirates like Pirates of East Blue, Marines, Seven Warlords of the Sea, Four Emperors, and
many more. In addition to Luffy, there is another character named Roronoa Zoro, who is the main fighter of the Straw Hat Pirates and is also skilled at fighting with swords.


Shadow Fight 3 Apk has several characters, each having a distinct appearance, fighting style, and background story, and these attributes make it different from a piece fighting path where characters did have so many powers and abilities related to combat. Each Faction in Shadow Fight 3 Apk has a unique Fighter and you can even access this version for Shadow fight 3 Apk


Marcus, being a leader, is destined to maintain peace and order by utilizing shadow Energy for a Good cause.


Being a leader, June is destined for a little evil cause as he wants to gain power, dominance, and authority by using shadow Energy.


Being the leader of Herald, Itu is destined to stop the misuse of shadow energy, and he uses his best opposition against it.

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