Age of Magic Apk Vs Shadow fight 3 Apk


Age of Magic APk is an exciting game where you get the flexibility to join any of two evil or good causes. If you choose a good reason, you will participate as a divine crusader knight, and choosing evil makes you join demons from the legion of
darkness. As a player, you have to make a group of heroes based on your strategy, their combat skills, special attacks, and the attacking and defensive skills of the heroes. At the start, you would only be controlling only one character “Roland” of
the five heroes and later can choose the team from warriors, warlords, wizards, and elves.


The story revolves around the character Roland and the Dark Tower, where the only hurdle is the sinking rays of light and spreading of horrible darkness and legions of Demons destroying everything that comes their way. The only savior and ray of hope for the world is Roland. In Shadow Fight 3 Apk, the story starts with the war between the factions to prove their power for control, so the story itself leaves you with suspense and a lot of mysteries to resolve that you crave to play Shadow Fight 3 apk and by choosing one of the factions who would be part of their story and will earn benefits like rewards in the form of coins, gems, etc, from their faction.


The gameplay of Magic Apk is full of adventure, and the first impression of any person is excellent because of the beautiful fantasy world arena where you get to see different characters from different stories and lands. This Apk follows the turn-based Strategy for attacking where you will be the first to decide your atack before your enemy decides and also where strength, power, and character choice would not be the only thing that matters and completing and dominating the round is important. Strategy and cunning matter more, and your every move matters. Try to plan each action carefully and fight in a way that outsmarts your opponent’s next move.
so the turn-based system makes the gameplay more engaging and full of fun and excitement


where as in shadow fight 3 Apk player vs player battles are held the only power you as player has are weapons and special moves and untilizing these perfectly is important. The controls are Easy to learn for beginner as it only requires swipes, taps and gestures for both attacking and defending.


You get to experience the feeling of a martial arts pro when playing Shadow Fight 3 apk as it is better than its previous sequel and you can choose from various weapons such as swords, nunchaku, maces, and spears and for customization, different skins, armors, and helmets add to the appearance of your player.

Modes and features Comparison:-

One of mode to try in Age of Magic is Campaign mode

campaign mode:-

When you want to add new members to your team or find the mysteries you are aware of in gameplay, then Campaign mode is there a place where you can participate in hundreds of hundreds of clashes? All of them are different in level, so it’s always a good chance to train your combat skills in the arena. You can even play the best of the players from the age of Magic Apk in that online mode.

Here as in Shadow fight 3 there are number of modes

Duel Mode:-

In these modes, you are tested on your martial arts skills and, in fact, improve your battlefield fighting strategy since you are fighting AI bots, so if you overcome them, you feel a sense of accomplishment.


Online Multiplayer Mode:-

Another way to test your combat skills is with real-time battles; you can connect with anyone globally and you enjoy interacting and competing with people because sometimes AI bots become impossible to defeat and you can Get this game from Playstore.

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